Anyone ever change career paths from making $70k to $30k. Considering doing it so I'm doing something that I feel is worthwhile instead of just working to pay the bills.


@Tuxhedoh $ range is different, and it ends up being more of a break, than a career change. some years on, some years off.
I spend more time with family & friends during the lower-key, potentially charitable work period.
I eventually get bored, and end up going back to the more demanding work. it ends up having benefits for both types of work, since I get a wider range of exposure to issues & ways of solving them.

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@ischade $$ was just a starting point for discussion. Basically taking what could be half your salary for a more fulfilling job. I suppose my wife would have to start working full time, and I'd have to probably work closer to 50+ hrs in desired role. I'm sure there's lots of other considerations, if I am making that much less, can I get different mortgage choices/government assistance?

@Tuxhedoh hum, good question. I don't know. lenders tend to be unhappy if you've been at a new job for less than a year. maybe see what a financial planner has to say about it? one can probably help you plan for this; I would think it's not much different from transitioning to retirement income.

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