"Free world building idea: Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, which is to say, almost none at all."

from birdsite, via @ gildedragon. unsure if birdsite anthraxlobster originated this or not.

additional text of pic:
"Are you fucking kidding me I worked in a reagrent (sic) shop for a few years I don't trust any of that stuff. Who the hell knows what other components are in the ashes."
"Yeah I was in the circle that made Alston's Divine Circle of Teleportation. There's some pretty nasty corner cases you can get into but the headmaster published it without us. I just take ships. It's way safer."
"I call bullshit on that Necromancer channeling spirts of loved ones. What did he say he was using?...-

... 'Medium Conduit Runic Circles'? That's just a bunch of buzzwords slapped together, and they don't even interact with each other."
"I've been looking at this scroll all morning and I'm 90% sure that the scribe didn't even look at the standard for pyromancies."

@ischade Eh, I wish developers would avoid breaking the balance in the world then and other Ursula Le Guin reader feels.

@ischade heard a story of someone who did a spelljammer campaign where they stopped off in Dark Sun world, where arcane magic, Defiler magic, consumes life around it.

party wizard gets obsessed with finding a way to strip Defiler magic of its horrors.

after years of ingame time and visiting dozens of lands he finally finishes his project, and casts... the same magic missile he first cast as a shardling.

"congratulations, you have gained a free level. you are now a Wizard 15/Wizard 1."

@bryceyoungquist @ischade

Ohhhhh man Dark Sun is my sweet lost love. I have the box set in mint condition at home :)

I was in a game where we were pirates navigating the planar space between bags of holding and I was the only nonevil character. Think spelljammer but bags of holding being the entry and exit points.

ANYWAYS I eventually stranded my crew 'on a beautiful beach' on Athas. No teleporting back from there! Problem solved!

@bryceyoungquist achievement unlocked: redundant spell casting.
...this is starting to sound like something Aaron Williams would poke fun at in _Full Frontal Nerdity._

@ischade unless i can inspect or write a spell from first principles, i will never really trust it

@KitRedgrave who knows what someone might have added? did they know what they were doing? you don't know! *aaaa*

@ischade you might think you're summoning a cup of water, but you might be also telling the NSA or ad mage companies exactly where you are and what you're doing!!!

@KitRedgrave @ischade Now thinking of offering my Changeling players some Goblin Contracts like that. With dream advertising.

@ischade software designers? what beautiful, magical place do you live in where people actually design software? where you don’t need a flashlight, a crowbar, three days’ rations, and a mile of rope to deal with production issues?

@alexis I lived in that world 15 years ago. today, eh....

@ischade Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I'll use a summoning spell.” Now they have two problems.

@readsteven it's all fun and games until you're surrounded by thousands of tiny frogs. (you reminded me of a tiny frog migration.)

@ischade Reminded of a concept for an Abjuration specialist, the spell caster who doesn't "believe" in magic. Knowing numerous ways to break other people's magic means knowing his own is vulnerable.

@RecursiveRabbit ooo, sounds a little like a mage hunter from _Mage: The Ascension_. what were the character's motives? security specialist?

@ischade Started with a hatred of mind control, and had some pacifist tendencies, so throwing up barriers is a convenient way to stop a fight.

@RecursiveRabbit ok, cool. I think I see how a character like that would work.

our group once had a GM who couldn't suspend disbelief long enough to allow magic in his game, until he wrote up a physics version. same mechanics, but different terms. smh.

@ischade I imagine that spells are a bit like NodeJS packages. You really just want a minor healing potion but end up importing 3782 dependencies, requiring several flocks of goats, the blood of a village worth of virgins, seventeen generations of newts worth of newt-eyes, a small star's output worth of candles, and countless other accouterments. You look inside the interdimensional spell_modules/ folder and notice its contents would fill several city blocks.

@ed1conf I feel like this is something Terry Pratchett would've written about, if he had known anything about coding.

@ischade @ed1conf he kinda did, in both senses! Hex the computer was based on a micro he had that just sort of grew into a pile of wires and assorted parts, and wizards knowing enough about magic to know not to trust it at all is a big part of several early plots

@ischade any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology

@loki a really nice jasmine pearl tea. is it magic? or is it technology?

@ischade I freaking love that idea.

The world views wizards as powerful, supremely competent beings. The wizards know how volatile and apt to break down the magic is.

to quote the original thread:
"Non-magic users: collect crystals, call their pet a familiar, draw pentagrams

Magic users:the most magical things I keep in my house are rocks, and I keep a hammer next to them in case they act up."
- @ TooMany_Monkeys @ birdsite, replying to @ gildedragon @ birdsite.

@ischade Reminds me of Discworld - they were definitely bumbling at least.

@james read @ed1conf's response. tell me that couldn't be a footnote in _Pyramids_.

Harry Potter made a lot more sense to me when I started working in software engineering.

@ischade You're NOT going to zap that USB wand you just found in the parking lot, are you?

@ischade "I wrote this incantation after being awake for 40 hours straight. I keep re-reading now and by all rights it shouldn't work, but it does. This word here doesn't even seem to serve a purpose, but the spell stops working if I remove it, so..."

@Lexi "oooooh, I've totally been there. I tried opening at ticket with spell support, but that didn't go well."


And then an evil wizard implements a scheme whereby paper ballots are replaced with a magic voting system.

affected Linux-bro voice 


PS: I use arch-
mage spells.

affected Linux-bro voice 

@ed1conf (is this a zeek and D&D reference? I feel so out-geeked.)

affected Linux-bro voice 


"Arch Linux" is one of the nerdier distributions of Linux, requiring a lot of manual tuning and compiling everything from source. Much like cross-fit or veganism, it has developed a bro-culture around it in which it's popular to proselytize that you use it and has become a bit of a joke now, particularly of the form "PS: I use Arch" tacked onto a completely unrelated post.

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