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More on community management and banning people? Sure yeah more on community management and banning people.

Ban the nazis? Sure! That's easy. No, really, it's easy - only websites run by really rich and often evil people claim to find it hard, and that's because they just don't actually WANT to, even though hosting nazis costs them money and goodwill.

It's incredibly easy to ban nazis, which is why nazis aren't high up on the list of worries for the typical online community.

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food, swearing 

out of context good advice:
"These are fucking heavy so bake cookies for your delivery driver."

maybe not during the time of covid, but frequently true otherwise.

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I've just tried to solve an advanced chess puzzle, and after half an hour and almost giving up, I realized I tried to solve it for the wrong color 🙈

I'm sure there's a programming metaphor hidden somewhere in here.

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capitol insurrection 

a coffee table book that is made up of only charging documents for these jackasses

in more light-hearted news, it's going to be 66F here today, and I should probably go do some yardwork. :tiredcat2:


we dropped off a year & a few months of accumulated e-waste today and I'm happier.
it's not like it was a lot, but it was taking up a little space, and now it's *gone.*
also someone was perfectly happy to run off with an old dresser that has also been taking up space.
hooray, less clutter!

music, cursed 

I mean, imagine Bad Romance, redone as Bad Bromance, with Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny, using animation from "What's Opera, Doc?"

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music, silly, or maybe bad 

reminder: all Depeche Mode songs can be sung by Elmer Fudd.

also, all Lady Gaga songs can be sung by Elmer Fudd.

(don't get me wrong, I love songs by both. but it's still true.)

open for hugs & other kind words 

all y'all are pretty wonderful. be good to yourself, hug your loved ones (even if it's only virtual hugs), and try not to let the asshats get you down today.
*hugs* 💜

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I've posted it before but I'm feeling it again.
TFW you're so proud of a password you came up with you want to tell folks about it -- only that would defeat the whole purpose and be a bad idea even after the password is retired.
: (

for reference, humidity in Death Valley right now is 5%.

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wow. humidity outside is 13%, which is better than the house on the ridge, which is at 7%.
watering the outdoor plants, stat. D:

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me last night: "ok a half hour of skyrim before bed"

[game launches, mid dungeon]
me: "oh i'm too full to pick up this treasure"
[backtrack to outside]
[fast travel to discombobulate a new magic weapon and learn its secrets]
[fast travel to the 3 shops that still have money to buy various things from me]
[fast travel back to the dungeon entrance]
me: "welp that's a half hour. bedtime!"

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I hate getting sidetracked by unexpected issues that have nothing to do with the tasks I'm supposed to be completing.

I spent all morning working on a login issue keeping me from getting into the app to fix another completely unrelated bug 😭

the end of Fry's 

can't say I didn't see it coming, but wow.
letsee, I think I was last in a store and they didn't have the fiber optical components that I needed. I had to get fiber jumpers from them the time before that, and the selection was poor.
otherwise I've been buying from Central Computers when I've wanted to look someone in the eye when buying a part.

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RT @kallllisti
Let me introduce you to the Melanistic Kodkod or Guiña. Native to central and southern Chile. Smallest wild cat in the Americas, weighing in at 5 lbs on average 😭🐈‍⬛🖤

work, less silly, 2/2 

one of the new guys just could not resist making jokes about it, and eventually got kicked out of all the meetings for a week.
like, do not bait the guy who's in charge of all the application development for the company.

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work, silly, 1/n 

12 years ago I worked with someone who bore a striking resemblance to George Clooney.
he hated how everyone said that, and denied it angrily if anyone mentioned it.
I once saw someone collapse from shock on meeting him. after that I started warning new people before they would meet. "ok, one of these guys looks like George Clooney. it's not him in spite of what your brain will try to tell you for 5-10 seconds. he doesn't seem to care if you stare, but _do not mention it._"


huh, a salesperson I didn't want to immediately want to hang up on.
I haven't had that experience in a few years. I think I'm alarmed.

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