me at 3am: I understand now! this is amazing.
me at 9am: I'm glad I know better than to trust 3am me.

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I'm tempted to build something like this, a 'hamster ball but for fish', for my new fish.

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All you need to build your own little fine dust sensor & outdoor weather station:

- ESP32 micro controller
- SDS011 laser scattering particle sensor
- BME280 temp/humidity sensor
- Jumper wires
- PVC flexible tube
- PVC pipe for protection

You can get all those parts for ~$30.


A map of particle sensors:

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rambling about the past, IT insanity Show more

rambling about the past, IT insanity Show more

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this line of books was probably intended to be parody: "The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Work" by Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht.
...but yeah, I've seen some crazy things since these were first printed.
know when to cut your losses. there are always other options.

if you ever find yourself in this situation, get out. This is probably low on the bad things that happened, b/c someone wouldn't find the budget needed.

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in the name of being agile, we will now adhere to this 28-part workflow without exception or modification

how did we survive before <noun> forums?
hmm, bbs?
anyway, helped get a car up & running again this morning, due to a forum. yay!

victory dance gif:

I should probably put together a belated new years package for the Japanese people I do business with. things were such a mess over the holidays, I didn't ever meet up with them to exchange tiny gifts, bow, and thank them for everything.
this really should've been done 2 months ago, but here we are.

a friend of mine used this gif while describing a little bit of their life yesterday.

meh, catching up on all the paperwork that accumulated while I was dealing with family health issues.

meanwhile, a friend has started an LLC, and I'm wondering if it has to do with helping build secure home networks for tech-impaired parents. ooo!

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