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hears a noise off in the hall
What's that?
spots a roll of toilet paper trying to escape
Bad roll! Bad! That's it, no more cookies for any of you!

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additive mfg 

it was obvious to the plastics people that i work with that annealing 3d-printed parts (heating them up for a while) would make them stronger. the problem is that the good stuff happens (at least for PLA) with enough heat to make the parts mooshy.

there are papers on all this, but they confined the test parts in fixtures that kept them from slumping. that's not a useful solution for most things that people print.

matterhackers (not usually a source of quality data) just put up a video about fixturing parts for annealing by burying them in clean sand and cooking the whole thing. i love it.

there are probably some techniques from metal casting with sand molds that would help even more.

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David Tennant's mortal enemy, David Landlord,

work, geeking, 2/2 

I mention this b/c I was logged into 2 systems at the same time today, and it took me a lot longer to figure out which one was safe to reboot than it normally would.
...I really didn't think I'd miss seeing background screens set to display the host name in some large font, but today I do. :tiredcat2:

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work, geeking, caps, mild humor 1/2 

one set of co-workers set the default background screen of all servers, workstations, etc, to show the name of the box in something like yellow on a navy background, in some large font size. it annoyed me, but mostly it kept people from accidentally rebooting the wrong box at the wrong time.
occasionally it resulted in one sysadmin teasing another: "How did you reboot the wrong box again? THE NAME IS RIGHT THERE." "I know! I have no idea! I got confused!"


if I think you're using me to stalk one of my friends, I will block you.

stalking is really annoying and creepy and you shouldn't do it.

there is some ridiculous number of people on the fediverse, and you should just move on from the person you're obsessing about.

if you are unable to move on, you need to talk to someone about it. stalking isn't healthy.

geeking, :< 

my large computer decided it's no longer happy *at all.*
new parts on the way, hopefully this is repairable. tho not terrible if not; the build is 7 years old to the month.

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corys (aquarium) 

one of the corys was swimming weirdly last night. I don't think I was careful enough getting it out of the net, and its right pectoral fin got caught briefly. but at least it's swimming okay this morning. *whew*

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all audio formats save for one old one cease to exist, but you get to pick which one it is. you are given the following options, which do you pick?

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Request for info from trans people in the US South 

So, I'm not exactly visibly trans and am not able to be fully out at the moment, but I hope to soon

But I'm not really sure what that will be like here?

And I'm wondering if other trans folks who have experience being visibly and/or vocally trans in the US South would be willing to share their experiences with me?

I'm just not sure what to expect as far as everyday life as an out trans person here

corys (aquarium) 

I deep cleaned the main aquarium tank today. the corys aren't quite sure what to make of it yet. I moved them to the small tank for the cleaning, since I knew it would take more than 20 minutes, & that me cleaning would be upsetting to them. they weren't thrilled about the tank migrations, but this was still better than leaving them in the main tank.
hopefully they'll be happier with the new & improved water quality.
meh, workload means that normal 50% water changes are now a weekend chore.

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"Unbricking a $2,000 Bike With a $10 Raspberry Pi" 

I enjoy reading how people manage to reverse engineer proprietary Bluetooth LE protocols in particular, because it's something I had a bit of experience with a while ago. And it's good to bookmark these for tips in case we might need to do something similar in future! 😉

food, driving 

we got falafels, & they were delicious.
we had to drive over the hill for them, b/c our town has 90% boring food. the drive was nice. it's August (?!?!?!), there hasn't been any rain, but there was no disgusting haze from air pollution. woo!!!! the younger trees alongside the freeways are looking a little wilted, but otherwise much healthier than what I expect to see for this time of year. the older trees looked very healthy.
the music system played all my fav songs, & that helped my mood. ^_^

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Hey who here makes & sells Pride-themed trinkets? My boyfriend's kid just came out as nonbinary and I wanna give them a little care package with, like, a pronoun pin and some stickers or something.

wondering these two associates of mine have realized the domain name they're using has omfg in it. (not even out of order. it's right there.)
I guess write them on Monday and ask if it was intentional.


"visit denial! it's lovely all year 'round"

(I need to do a fake travel poster for this.)

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Remember to change your gender every three months for security reasons

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