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all i want is to be able to tell that the onion articles are fake again

ToS, Amex, Fukushima 

about six months after Fukushima, I remember reading the Amex update to their ToS, and the change that jumped out to me was something like "Amex rental car insurance does not cover rental cars that have been damaged by radiation, or rendered unusable by radiation." and yikes! :(

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wow, like an 8th of this revised Terms of Service was in all caps. that seems really excessive, it's not like this was being sent over an old-style pager system. jeez.

local wildlife, birds 

the California fuchsia has started blooming, and what looks like a black-chinned hummingbird has claimed the first blossoms.
the orange honeysuckle in the back has started blooming, and the rufous hummingbirds have been having minor squabbles over those blossoms.

meanwhile the crows have gone back to ignoring the birdbath, which means the scrub jays are visiting it again in the early morning.

dream, cat 

I dreamed an ocelot moved in with me. which is extremely unlikely on so many levels. but it was fun.

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this is your annual reminder that "STD" was one of the worst abbreviations facebook could have chosen for their new compression format

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we've been watching ST:Voyager, & so far the technobabble has been relentless.
at least the acting is pretty good.
whoever did the filming did a lot of long takes. 30+ seconds in many cases. (watch a show. count how many seconds there are between camera changes. I'm sorry if you never noticed this before.)
they also did a lot of art shots, where someone was aware of all the colors & light in the angle, so visually it's interesting.
(just don't get me started on their 'Native American' culture. ugh.)

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geeking, bad dream 

I dreamed I was accused of doing bad things with my computer last night, by people who understand how computers work from watching ST:Voyager.
me: I manually set a network port to work with a VOIP phone, b/c it's auto-detect script didn't work properly.
them: BAD!!! *lists a string of computer words together*
me: ...that's not how this works. that's not how any of this works.
them: *continues to string words together.*
me: in spite of the horror, I can't even scream. this is just sad.

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video games 

anyway, making up for A LOT of video game withdrawl. woo. also, pew pew pew!

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Which square is the mine? (see thread)

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I haven't yet learned enough words for deer. -but it turns out "bambi" will almost always work, when trying to warn people about not driving fast in this area.

video games 

I was able to play a game yesterday without pain for the first time in almost a year.
uh, yesterday went by quick, how is it the work week already? 😅

local wildlife, lizards 

we saw a hatchling fence lizard yesterday. it wasn't much bigger than the length of my thumbnail. I'm always surprised at how tiny they are after hatching, and how quickly they grow.

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Phone Numbers and Social Security numbers are essentially the same thing now:

Easily leaked from non-trusted sources

Provide entirely too much information about the individual linked to them

Likely to not change unless you enjoy trying to explain to others what prompted the change

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Is anyone out there involved in a mutual aid tool sharing library, current or past? I'm talking with some folks about organizing one and we have some logistical questions. (please boost!)

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