Went into town for lunch today. If you are going to have the firey buffalo wrap from McDonalds then you should probably prepare yourself for it. It wasn't inedible but I needed a McFlurry to calm the hotness down aftetwards. Maybe this is how marketing works?

I'm also suspecting that the downstairs hall temperature probe is faulty.

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This heat is really really not fun. I've always been opposed to air conditioning at home because of the carbon emissions, but I'd really love to be in an 18°C home right now.

The Netherlands are also having problems with their signage due to the heatwave

NEW POSITION: We're looking for a Senior Systems Administrator to join our team!

The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years experience running open source systems.

This position can be performed remotely or in our Seattle office. torproject.org/about/jobs-sysa

Come along to 57North Hacklab in Aberdeen, Scotland this evening for . This month's theme is web censorship in the UK. We'll be starting at 7pm

Come along to 57North Hacklab in Aberdeen, Scotland tomorrow for . This month's theme is web censorship in the UK. We'll be starting at 7pm.

Trying to log into this app that lets me manage my phone contract. Wont let me reset my password without verifying my email (which I don't have on my phone). It seems they don't trust SMS for verification.

can someone please make a working mastodon client for ms-dos please and thanks in advance

EU survey on whether we should KILL DST WITH FIRE. It's down right now (overloaded) but there's still time.

Let's kill DST with fire.
Let's kill it a lot.


BREAKING: In a huge victory, the European Parliament has voted 318-278 against #Article13 and #Article11—the disastrous #CensorshipMachine and #LinkTax copyright proposals.

That means we’re close to stopping these terrible proposals—and we’re gaining momentum.

"While searching the premises [...] the police [...] decided to extend the search to premises also used by members of the CCC: the OpenLab in Augsburg. Here the officers were confronted with hackers in their natural habitat: substances to clean and etch circuit boards as well as hair bleach. After interpreting the contents of a whiteboard as a bomb making manual, the officers then went on to accuse random people present at the hackerspace of plotting a bombing attack."


@lichen gonna auction a bunch of rocks i just found and call it an ICO. each rock is unique and unforgeable. you can't censor these rocks. exchange them freely. these rocks won't tread on you. buy now.

A review of hundreds of Facebook’s patent applications reveals that the company has considered tracking almost every aspect of its users’ lives: where you are, who you spend time with, whether you’re in a romantic relationship, and more. https://u.fsf.org/2m5

I went to the nearest open clothes shop. It turned out to be in Slovakia. 1 hour on the train from Wien Hbf.

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