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political compass is just a latent space of politics

Request: a Plymouth boot theme that shows little icons for each systemd unit as they start up, in the style of Mac OS Classic

(then flat-shade each division with either the lit color or the shaded color) Why would you do this today? No idea. But I had been thinking about architectures that have no programmable pixel shading, but do have a programmable vertex & geo pipeline, like the PS2.

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Idea for toon shading in a geo/tess shader: Calc N dot L for each tri vertex. If one is positive (lit) and another negative (shaded), interpolate along the edge to find the penumbra/crossover point. Repeat on the other edge and subdivide across.

if you actually know how square-root works this seems a little weird

Skeletal IK often relies on transform constraints to get good results. Could at least rotation constraints be automatically derived by testing what poses make the skinned mesh self-intersecting?

I keep buying gadgets and then never making full use of them. Like that cat that forgoes a fancy new bed in preference to the box it came in.

I've finally started using Ghidra some. Of course it has lots of idiosyncrasies but figuring out in-memory structure layout scratches much the same itch as figuring out file formats.

does anyone have a broken DSi or 3DS, or a Wii Fit U Meter they'd be willing to donate? or just anything that has a 78k0, 78K0R or RL78 chip

"broken" being the screen hinge broke, a badly corrupted flash, etc, it still kinda needs to boot

context: I'm trying to get the firmware out of the DSi BPTWL chip and maybe also the 3DS MCU, and also the fit meter because why not, as these are very similar chips. except they all differ in small ways in their in-circuit flashing interface and bootrom (which implements the former) so that I need to sample a number of them. also the RL78 debug interface has been semidocumented by fail0verflow and I want to try to expand that to the other chip types. access to this debug interface, even when disabled by the firmware, would make it much easier to recover the flash using voltage glitching (lower complexity exploit)

yes I know the 3DS MCU firmware has been obtained already but that chip is in the middle between the 78k0 and RL78, making it useful

I know I've complained about it before, but dealing with recruiters can be dehumanizing sometimes. Am I a frontend engineer, or a backend engineer? I don't know, I just code C++ for TV boxes! At least now I feel like I better understand people who reject the gender binary.

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