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TIL there is a real Dogwood Drive near Interstate 65 in Kentucky and Mammoth Cave National Park.

if you can get the first tissue out of the box without tearing it, I think that's a pretty major life accomplishment

I really should move my domain email off of Google. Any recommendations for providers? Fine with paying, only really need an IMAP/SMTP server with one mailbox.

political compass is just a latent space of politics

Request: a Plymouth boot theme that shows little icons for each systemd unit as they start up, in the style of Mac OS Classic

(then flat-shade each division with either the lit color or the shaded color) Why would you do this today? No idea. But I had been thinking about architectures that have no programmable pixel shading, but do have a programmable vertex & geo pipeline, like the PS2.

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Idea for toon shading in a geo/tess shader: Calc N dot L for each tri vertex. If one is positive (lit) and another negative (shaded), interpolate along the edge to find the penumbra/crossover point. Repeat on the other edge and subdivide across.

if you actually know how square-root works this seems a little weird

Skeletal IK often relies on transform constraints to get good results. Could at least rotation constraints be automatically derived by testing what poses make the skinned mesh self-intersecting?

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