@dthompson github.com/Lameguy64/mkpsxiso can dump and reconstruct the disc file system. ImageMagick supports TIM images. jpsxdec is probably the best for FMVs and compressed images. any other image formats are likely going to be specific per game, just like any other platform. depending on the popularity of the game you might find results by searching on github. you can also ask for help in the reverse-engineering channel in psx.dev/

A friend gave me their old toaster oven, and I gotta say, it's replaced my microwave for a lot of things. It's slower, but it heats things better, and it's not as slow or inefficient as the full-size oven.

@amapanda @cincodenada @bxl_forever There are some rainbow crossings where the way is tagged but not the node. Here's a query for both: overpass-turbo.eu/s/1j2s

(hold down to go into edit mode, then tap the page dots. Maybe this is a new feature so I never had access to it on my 5s)

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OMG I accidentally figured out how to reorder home screen pages on iOS! I've been waiting YEARS for this.

i keep seeing these TV interviews with muffled speaking, whoever invents a face mask with built-in lav mic is gonna make a million bucks

@elomatreb though you should just be able to mount the SMB share in the Finder (Go->Connect to server) and play it in whatever

(the correct answer is "adb shell input text <something>". an "ADB keyboard" is something else)

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"How do I send keyboard events with the Android DeBug tool?"

> google "adb keyboard"

"…you know, I really should have known better"

hah. if you type Clarus, the iOS keyboard will suggest both dog and cow emoji

Dreamed about what could be an idea for a multiplayer stealth game. Both players have to break in and extract the same item from a location, without getting noticed by NPCs, but the destination for the target is different for each player.

Fastmail migration seems to be successful. I should still wait 2 days to close the Google account.

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