Check out those nice colourful crossings in #Brussels. 🏳️‍🌈

Such paintings are becoming quite common and some of them are permanent.

If we want to make an inventory of them for #OpenStreetMap, what tag should be added here? Any idea, anyone?

Ping @amapanda

@bxl_forever @amapanda Oh interesting, I love this question...I did a little digging through TagInfo and the wiki and there's not a ton of precedent but I did find some things!

Firstly, I found a total of three rainbow crosswalks that are already tagged! 🎉 All are basic rainbows, and tagged with "colour=rainbow".

Here's the Overpass Turbo query:

And the nodes:
Vernon, BC, Canada:
Dallas, TX:
Athens, Greece:

There's also precedent for this with non-pride-themed crosswalks in Hong Kong, where a specific type of signaled crosswalks are yellow, and they have generally been tagged with either "colour=yellow" or "road_marking:colour=yellow"

As the data nerd I prefer specificity of "road_marking:colour" over "colour" but it doesn't really matter!


@amapanda @cincodenada @bxl_forever There are some rainbow crossings where the way is tagged but not the node. Here's a query for both:

@impiaaa Oh, look at that, so there are! That's what I get for being lazy with my querying, I hadn't run into ways tagged as crosswalks before so didn't do the full set. Thanks, this is helpful extra info!

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