OMG I accidentally figured out how to reorder home screen pages on iOS! I've been waiting YEARS for this.

i keep seeing these TV interviews with muffled speaking, whoever invents a face mask with built-in lav mic is gonna make a million bucks

(the correct answer is "adb shell input text <something>". an "ADB keyboard" is something else)

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"How do I send keyboard events with the Android DeBug tool?"

> google "adb keyboard"

"…you know, I really should have known better"

hah. if you type Clarus, the iOS keyboard will suggest both dog and cow emoji

Dreamed about what could be an idea for a multiplayer stealth game. Both players have to break in and extract the same item from a location, without getting noticed by NPCs, but the destination for the target is different for each player.

Fastmail migration seems to be successful. I should still wait 2 days to close the Google account.

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TIL there is a real Dogwood Drive near Interstate 65 in Kentucky and Mammoth Cave National Park.

if you can get the first tissue out of the box without tearing it, I think that's a pretty major life accomplishment

I really should move my domain email off of Google. Any recommendations for providers? Fine with paying, only really need an IMAP/SMTP server with one mailbox.

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