Dynamic range compression is typically done with a piecewise linear function, sometimes with attack/release. But arctan already maps -∞…+∞ to -½π…+½π. So I tried putting a waveform through that, and it works, but I can see why it's not used (louds still sound distorted).

Thinking about globe rendering. Typical to use Mercator/lat-long/"UV sphere," which is convenient for texture mapping, but of course distorts at poles. Better for geometry would be geodesic polyhedron, but what coordinate system, space partitioning to use? I can only find info for hex grids.

Forgot a schema upgrade and now I'm going through a month's worth of replication updates 😬

anyway sorry for the musicgamez.info downtime

no, you misheard. My project uses Mikefiles, part of the Michael build system.

I really ought to introduce myself! I'm a zend certified java developer, and I currently work for Booking.com as a backend developer in the UK.

I recently migrated from mastodon.online. I'm not very skilled at this whole "social media" malarkey, but hope that i'm able to make a positive contribution to this community.

Game streamers who use a CRT, please put your mic through a 15kHz low-pass filter. You may not mind, or notice, the whine, but apparently I, and likely others, still do.


Much about Israel & Palestine is complicated, but some things are not, e.g.:

* How Israel treats the Occupied Territories is a version of apartheid, and has been for much of my life.
* As the party with almost all the power, Israel must make the first concessions if there is ever to be a just or lasting peace.
* The current bombardment of Gaza & dispossession of Sheikh Jarrah are both completely unacceptable.
* Criticising Israel is not in itself antisemitic.

@crossposter Hi, I'm having trouble authorizing the crossposter to post to my account here (500 error). Is this a known issue? Is there something I can do about it? Does masto.tech block the crossposter? cc @ashfurrow

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