I know I've complained about it before, but dealing with recruiters can be dehumanizing sometimes. Am I a frontend engineer, or a backend engineer? I don't know, I just code C++ for TV boxes! At least now I feel like I better understand people who reject the gender binary.

i'd only want a small house. a cozy cabin. an adorable abode

Oh, it depends on the size of the window. For some reason.

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Did the interface change? I don't think I saw "trending now," before. The most trending thing is apparently hashtag gab, so great job there on creating a better, stress-free social media site.
Ack, sorry. I meant to say, great job on continuing to clone twitter including all of its worst features.

The last few days I've been consistently waking up a half hour before my alarm is scheduled to go off. I swear if this keeps up I am going to commit a violence

Because of my MusicGamez project, I've kind of gotten into music cataloging. And every few days that I'll learn that another artist I knew about and had become famous, had once uploaded to 8bitcollective.

@deshipu @brunoph @chidgey Thanks for the advice. I bought flux and smothered it everywhere and it didn't really help.

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Alright! After getting some extra supplies, I have now gotten the desoldering braid stuck to the contact as well.


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(and a new phone, with which I can take photos of the small plant friend)

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