Need @aral to invite us to it's mastodon instance... he'll be the only privacy aware admin I would trust... cause a thing to be aware of is that your instance admin has basically unlimited power over what you see and say

@imavca Hey Alejandro, this is also why we won't be inviting anyone. (Also, we wouldn't have the resources to run or curate such a community.) Until/unless Mastodon has end-to-end encryption for private messages, you would have to trust your admin, as you say, and that's not a system worthy of trust. So I'm running an instance of one for myself and that's what I'd recommend for those of you who can. Hopefully that will be made easier/seamless in the future :)

@aral Yeah, I guess that won't scale easily. I'll look into create my own instance because in the long run I think it's the safest bet, thank you so much!!

@ashfurrow - any info about end to end encryption on mastodon? 🤔 cause @imavca has a point! 😅

@ab @imavca definitely. I'll look into it more. Would be nice to get e2e encryption.

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