@kde Эта статья теперь доступна и на русском: vk.com/@kde_ru-plasma-mobile-1

This article is now available in Russian as well, Thanks @ilya_b for sharing.

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Spent a weekend with the amazing people of KDE Community ☺️ Thanks to @theqtcompany@instagram.com for sponsoring the event!

It's only that much that I could cover Akademy this time :)

Leaving for work, already miss everyone from the amazing community of KDE 🥰

Christoph Haag explains how @Collabora@twitter.com brought @kdecommunity@twitter.com's desktop to VR!

Camilo Higuita is at @akademy@twitter.com and tells about the Maui Project, KDE's new adaptive apps that run on desktops, Android and Plasma Mobile!

Alexander Saoutkin shares results of his @gsoc@twitter.com project: enabling 3rd-party applications to work with remote locations via @kdecommunity@twitter.com's KIO architecture

Rituka Patwal demonstrates her work on integrating KDE Plasma Mobile's phonebook with @Nextclouders@twitter.com

Piyush Aggarwal gives an @akademy@twitter.com talk about his @gsoc@twitter.com project of porting KDE Connect to Windows!

Kai Uwe Broulik tells about his amazing work on Plasma's notification system (and gives advice to app developers)

Aditya Mehra presents a demo of Plasma and @mycroft_ai@twitter.com used for an in-car infotainment system

"There's a framework for that!"

Adrian de Groot tells about goals and features of KDE Frameworks

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