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Design a calendar UI which is able to display a 1 hour meeting which starts at 3 AM and ends at 3 AM (and takes place during the DST changeover)

"Anything that has a simple and elegant feature-set ends up coöpted by people who just want to build big ungainly architecture and ends up inheriting features from whatever megacorp the coöpters came from.
Quality is a dying art."

"If you are running a truly enormous system and want to have ... for it, ... may be the tool for you. For 99.9% of people out there, it's just an extra layer of complexity that adds almost nothing of value."

This applies to sooo many things in modern tech.
Not just Kubernetes & HTTP2/3.

How to Read and Write Image File Metadata with CoreGraphics - Kyle Howells

How to read and write Exif, GPS, IPTC, JFIF, TIFF and other metadata in image files using the CoreGraphics APIs on iOS and macOS

Metal by Example – High-performance graphics and data-parallel programming for iOS and macOS

H.264 is magic: a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology.

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Using SwiftUI Previews to get a live preview of UIKit UI written in Objective C

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WWDC20, iPadOS 14 

I'm not sure how I feel about the new sidebar stuff in iPadOS 14.

Unlike tab bars, when you switch sections using the sidebar, the navigation stack from the old section is entirely obliterated.

So if you're deep inside some nested navigation stack, and you accidentally tab the sidebar, whatever you were looking at before is completely gone.

New blog post: "Using PHPickerViewController to Select a Photo on iOS 14"

(complete with ObjC & Swift example projects)

"CAGradientLayer Explained
How to natively draw gradients on iOS and macOS with CAGradientLayer"

"Between the messiness of Catalina and the almost-but-not-quite-there-ness of iPadOS, what’s most needed now are not splashy masthead features but a reconsideration of the boring nuts and bolts.

...and not just a single year of cleaning up the mucky infrastructure of our compute landscape, but a reworking of the internal software culture of companies like Apple to elevate user fluency to first-class rank."

"every Cmd-Tab feel dangerous"

"Dropbox has gone from a svelte, hyper-reliable file syncing service to a bloated curiosity that pegs the cpu at 200% for unclear reasons."

"Twitter’s web site now loads [...] in so many various layers and stages I never know if my internet connection is functioning or not"

"We’ve seen entire companies with business models that could be summarized as “Bloat-Free X” emerge in recent years"

"Sketch’s main feature for many years was simply: Not Adobe"

"this software problem was once solved, unsolved, and now re-solved in a worse way."

Brilliant Hardware in the Valley of the Software Slump — by Craig Mod

"[iOS's unreliability] makes every Cmd-Tab feel dangerous"

Procedural Galactic Structures & Building Icosahedrons - superhedral

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