Spherium can also take normal photo style snapshots of 360 images for you to share.

(beach pictures: 360, screenshot, snapshot)

How to Read and Write Image File Metadata with CoreGraphics - Kyle Howells

How to read and write Exif, GPS, IPTC, JFIF, TIFF and other metadata in image files using the CoreGraphics APIs on iOS and macOS


"CAGradientLayer Explained
How to natively draw gradients on iOS and macOS with CAGradientLayer" ikyle.me/blog/2020/cagradientl

I love this iPad multitasking concept!

Pro Multitasking - Finder for iPad Concept by Daniel Korpai | Dribbble dribbble.com/shots/6267421-Pro

I’m seriously surprised by the A12, the amount of physical space devoted to the neural net engine looks almost as much as the entire area devoted to the CPU itself!

But it really shows in the stats, 9x faster CoreML at 1/10 the power usage pushing 5Tflops!?! 😮

Just ran an old demo Xcode project from Github from 2012!
What is this?!

I can actually see the buttons size?!
I can actually see these are buttons!
And without having to try touching them to see if they respond!

Not bad for a few hours learning the HTTP APIs and Xcode.

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