I'm trying to start blogging again more frequently.

Starting small with a post about quick script I wrote to fix an annoyance with my 360 camera's software not tagging exported files with the date the photo was taken.

I recently rewrote my website (looks the same mostly) to make it simpler and easier to maintain, as well as able to support images and other attachments to blog posts now.

And also added JSON feed support alongside the Atom feed.

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Going to be doing some more things like adding the social media graph tags and building some API's and bots (like a Twitter bot) but I'm happy with where it is right now.

Previously, every time I thought of writing a blog post I just remembered the missing features of my blog engine and started work on modifying it or rewriting it instead of actually writing the blog post itself.
Hoping to get over that now I've actually got the rewrite live.

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