I feel like content warnings are fundamentally badly implemented on Mastodon.

People seem to use them to tag the category of a post, , , etc...
However, abusing a "spoiler" tag for that and hiding the content by default just makes reading your feed difficult.

Ideally people would be encouraged to use to tag the content of posts.
The the clients would auto-hide/content warning posts based on what subjects the user does/doesn't want to see.

@ikyle cool idea; why not fork Mastodon and make it happen?


@ecsaln because it can be done purely with a front end client, rather than a server change.
Those posts are very similar to how I intend to do my iOS app.

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@ikyle also, I mean; you literally blamed "Mastodon", so backtracking and redirecting the blame onto a straw-man "mastodon client" to try and make me look stupid when I call you out is - frankly - bullshit.

@ecsaln I wasn't trying to make you look stupid.

Mastodon has a default web client/interface which sets the standards (which most clients copy) for how to treat things.

However, to fix it I don't have to change the server side, just the client side.
So when building my own client I don't have to copy what everyone else does, I can use the existing API in the way I think it should be used.

@ikyle "Mastodon is wrong; I can do it better"
"If you don't like Mastodon, then fork it"
"I don't need to fork it, I'll just make a new client"
"If you don't need to fork it, then don't badmouth the project?"
"I wasn't bad mouthing the project"
"You were literally badmouthing the project by name"

@ikyle *insert gif zooming in on the word 'fundamentally'*

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