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I'm Kyle. 👋

iOS developer 📱 (now Android too actually, by accident; long story).
Started programming making simple games for iOS, then iOS jailbreak tweaks, then making apps as my job.

Love tech, programming, sci-fi, StarTrek (TNG 👍), Marvel, etc...
Also love Snowboarding and parkour.

I've been on Twitter for years (90k posts, mostly retweets). Was on but have moved here now.

"Implementing Handoff in Your App | Apple Developer Documentation"

Is this Handoff tutorial on Apple's website out of date? It doesn't mention anything about UIScene's and multiple windows.

The website includes screenshots, an FAQ and a PressKit containing some example 360 images to view in Spherium, in case you don't have any saved.


Spherium can also take normal photo style snapshots of 360 images for you to share.

(beach pictures: 360, screenshot, snapshot)

📝 New blog post: Spherium 1.0 Released!
"Spherium is designed to view and share 360 images in your Photo Library"

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Critical PGP bug just disclosed: if an attacker responds to an encrypted message with "This doesn't decrypt for me, could you try without PGP", the sender will be unsurprised and provide the attacker a copy of the encrypted message in plaintext

Does URLSessionWebSocketTask just not tell you when it loses connection?

I'm getting the same error as this post. URLSessionWebSocketTask will instantly log lose of connection to Xcode's console, but none of the delegate methods are called.

"URLSessionWebSocketTask Errors not called | Apple Developer Forums"

hwayne/awesome-cold-showers: For when people get too hyped up about things

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Design a calendar UI which is able to display a 1 hour meeting which starts at 3 AM and ends at 3 AM (and takes place during the DST changeover)

"Anything that has a simple and elegant feature-set ends up coöpted by people who just want to build big ungainly architecture and ends up inheriting features from whatever megacorp the coöpters came from.
Quality is a dying art."

"If you are running a truly enormous system and want to have ... for it, ... may be the tool for you. For 99.9% of people out there, it's just an extra layer of complexity that adds almost nothing of value."

This applies to sooo many things in modern tech.
Not just Kubernetes & HTTP2/3.

How to Read and Write Image File Metadata with CoreGraphics - Kyle Howells

How to read and write Exif, GPS, IPTC, JFIF, TIFF and other metadata in image files using the CoreGraphics APIs on iOS and macOS

Metal by Example – High-performance graphics and data-parallel programming for iOS and macOS

H.264 is magic: a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology.

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Using SwiftUI Previews to get a live preview of UIKit UI written in Objective C

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