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I'm Kyle. 👋

iOS developer 📱 (now Android too actually, by accident; long story).
Started programming making simple games for iOS, then iOS jailbreak tweaks, then making apps as my job.

Love tech, programming, sci-fi, StarTrek (TNG 👍), Marvel, etc...
Also love Snowboarding and parkour.

I've been on Twitter for years (90k posts, mostly retweets). Was on but have moved here now.

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The Apple game subscription thing (allegedly) paying developers based on how much users spend in the games seems like a very bad idea.

It'll discourage devs from making one-off games with little to no replayability (e.g. Monument Valley) and encourage them to make games that are addictive.

Which is weird, because it goes directly against what Apple is (or say they are) trying to do wrt to the Screen Time thing.

Apple's documentation is pretty terrible nowadays, but I have to say the CIQRCodeGenerator - Core Image Filter reference is really good! Lots of information + example images.

"When pros meet… they win by being slightly better than their opponent in one area.

When amateurs meet, it’s a contest of who makes the fewest huge, gaping blunders."

The Hole Where All The Success Leaks Out

"Your time is better spent championing good ideas than tearing down bad ones"

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds

Raspberry Pi 3A+ development interview - The MagPi MagazineThe MagPi Magazine

When to Avoid Libraries
"Cocoa is a “batteries included” platform. Out of the box, you’ve got frameworks for animation, networking, persistence, and everything else you need for most apps."

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I was thinking of making one, but thought I should check if any good ones exist first.

I tried to find some via Google, but Google is pretty terrible for searching for apps at the best of times.

+ I just get SQLite ObjC and Swift API stuff rather than apps when I try searching.

Is there a decent SQLite editor/browser/viewer for iOS on the AppStore?

Hopefully that supports the Files app, things like "Open in Place", and has a desktop style iPad interface (keyboard shortcuts would be nice too)?

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