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I'm Kyle. 👋

iOS developer 📱 (now Android too actually, by accident; long story).
Started programming making simple games for iOS, then iOS jailbreak tweaks, then making apps as my job.

Love tech, programming, sci-fi, StarTrek (TNG 👍), Marvel, etc...
Also love Snowboarding and parkour.

I've been on Twitter for years (90k posts, mostly retweets). Was on but have moved here now.

My faith in Apple is so low at this point I'd assume this is an intentionally hostile act in the name of "security" rather than a bug.

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Sea Level Rise Can No Longer Be Stopped, What Next? - with John Englander - by The Royal Institution

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" - Easy Skeezy Date Formatting for Swift and Objective-C"

Useful FFmpeg Commands for Sharing Videos - A collection of FFmpeg commands I find helpful when sharing videos

View Remote Server Logs Locally with GoAccess - "How to use a locally installed copy of GoAccess to view a remote server's access logs"

Coronavirus: Formula 1 teams are to help in supply of ventilators - BBC Sport

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"A French ski resort has used helicopters to deliver snow after mild weather dried out its slopes." - BBC News

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