I like how is splited but I would like to have ~10 more keys (Ergodox is too large for travel) and hot swap sockets. Any suggestions ?

@Ben that is looking promising. Thank you. Do you know any store where I could buy parts?

Not more than google (, But as there are only incomplete diy kits, ordering the pcb at a manufacturer isn't much worse :P

@icanswiftabit Ten for keys for what? It's hard to help if one doesn't know what you want. :)

@hund sure, I didn't think about 😅. What I need is two shifts, tab. Turns out what I really need is a keyboard with ~4 additional keys compared to Minidox. With hotswap.

@icanswiftabit I see. :) Hotswap makes it difficult though. Why do you want that? :)

@hund to find the perfect switch for me. But I'll not hold on that.

@icanswiftabit I had major issues with that as well. :) Can't you make some compromises and get a regular 60% hotswap cheap from and try some switches on that?

We're talking about a nisched feature for a nished keyboard in a nished hobby after all. :P

@hund You're right. So what are my options without hotswap? @Ben already suggested corne-classic. Which looks great.

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