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I've seen people do that here so here are topic that I'm interested in. For searchability reasons.

I'll redraft it if something pops to my mind.

I want one 😱
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Toni (@accidentlyAnton) is dreaming up a crank-based twist on the falling block genre.

Keep in sync waiting branches with develop with one command? Done. Time to go to bed.

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Finally, we can hear you yelling from here.

“Yes, but WHEN is Playdate coming out!?!”

Expect a BIG UPDATE in the next few months with our timeline, pre-order details, a surprise, and title reveals of all the free games you’ll get in Playdate Season One!!

Hope you’re well! 💛

When "simple" script evolves into the next chainable shell tool.

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Some software anti-anti-patterns I've learned over time:

- repeating yourself is often okay
- premature abstraction is a bigger problem than premature optimization.
- be less clever

Why MBP is not advertised as a cooking pad?
- hot as hell after a few minutes
- has to be plugged to a power socket
- silver
- can't control the output temperature

The connection is so bad that I’m installing Lynx.

“Very good internet connection”

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Thread: The next barrier for work is bureaucracy. I have a couple of friends living in one country and having full-time job in another (within EU/EEA), and it's quite messy:

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Padł rekordowy wynik w polskim futbolu! Na 25min przed końcem TPS II Winogrady - Big Show FC Poznań 38:0.

Jest taka redakcja, która nie mogła przegapić takiego wydarzenia :P

“No time to explain” and “Come with me if you want to live” S2 🤗

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Ping @marekfort with your uses cases. Your feedback will be very valuable to build a great experience for users.

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Swift Argument Parser has now finally the feature which, in my view, was really missing - autocompletion. With this PR ( you can start using that in your tool - but most of the times the autocompletion will be done for you with no added work!

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