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I've seen people do that here so here are topic that I'm interested in. For searchability reasons.

I'll redraft it if something pops to my mind.

Hey all! We just officially opened's new Engineering Blog, and the first post is about's share() operator and resource sharing. 💪

Check it out, and if you like it, would appreciate some claps! 👏👏

Couriers are against me since the begining of this year. 😭

Exactly my thoughts 👏 has to definitely rethink their approach.

I.....did not expect this to happen

So your thinking “pffff easy, give me an hour”. Then adding a dependency stops for progress for two days.

The votes are in! Say hello to - Pierogi ❤️

O rany jak bardzo zły jest czat . Na myśl o obsłudze DPD wolę sam pojechać po paczkę. Chciałbym mieć narzędzie, które ostrzega mnie gdy sklep chce użyć DPD jako kuriera.

I’ve spent whole day on listening and discussing summary of Q4/2018 results. Fascinating! Can’t wait for the second part of it. Wish I could share more of it with you not only our new Allegro Arabica:)

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