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I've seen people do that here so here are topic that I'm interested in. For searchability reasons.

I'll redraft it if something pops to my mind.

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hey so, remember a few months back when I did a video talking about the abysmal treatment of animation/VFX teams, and my concern that the team behind the redesign were going to be massively underpaid, overworked, and ultimately tossed aside?

well guess what

I will never get used to it! WHY Xcode ⌥+⌫ will delete spaces and next word. So may parameters deleted when I just wanted to remove spaces. 🤬

I sense the bombing isn’t the real issue here 🤣

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Myślę, że znajdę tutaj co najmniej kilka osób, które namiętnie słuchały i szukały tego kawałka w tym tygodniu 😉


So Unity has improve its compatibly with Git. That's nice. Also Visual Studio for Mac 🤩

Magnetic usb-c usb-c cable with data transfer? I already had baseus' L-shape for macbook. Saddly this one doesn't supports data transfer.

So far looks like a good replacement for @gittower

Paw — The most advanced API tool for Mac (REST & HTTP Client) · We're making a crazy Black Friday offer: Retweet to get a free Paw license (worth $49.99) 💰 · Or buy 50% from our website + all profits go to organizations fighting climate change 🌎

jest najlepsza reklamą dla posiadania samochodu lub wspólnego jeżdżenia samochodem. Permamentnie opóźnieni.

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