What's the name for 32gb encoded backup data without the password? I'm thinking about digital paperweight.
What was there? I don't know. I will it hurt in a time. Definitely.

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If you're a fan of SF Symbols, you'll enjoy this...

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Being able to link to other parts of code in the documentation will make navigating through codebase (especially if you're new to it) so much easier! Definitely big up - the DocC seems really great (and will be opensource 😍)

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A very important professional lesson I learned again and again:


NEVER send an angry/frustrated email. Writing can be therapeutic: but don't send it.

ALWAYS assume your email will be forwarded, screenshotted, shared with others.

Applies 50x for managers / leaders.

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@onmyway133 Sensei is AppKit, but is transitioning to SwiftUI. On Big Sur, it switches to SwiftUI App lifecycle and the menu is in SwiftUI. New Monitor feature is SwiftUI, so once you navigate there, technically everything on screen will originate from SwiftUI code. twitter.com/oskargroth/status/

OMG let me play the game. I'm sick of unskippable explanation of the same information twice.

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Finally, the result. In 2 days we've managed to create fully functional application which implements special mode for macOS by controlling your apps using AirPods Pro by head gestures. I'm happy to share the details.

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6 hours of debugging can save you 5 minutes of reading documentation

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good advice!

There's also a subtle issue to be aware of when using po/p in Swift: they retain values for the entire debug session.

po/p create a persistent variable in lldb, which means their resources are not freed. Use v/vo when debugging memory issues and retain cycles. twitter.com/merowing_/status/1

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Open source devs: “don’t use your GitHub contribution graphs to gauge people’s talent!!!”
Also open source devs: twitter.com/krzyzanowskim/stat

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