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I've seen people do that here so here are topic that I'm interested in. For searchability reasons.

I'll redraft it if something pops to my mind.

👋 thanks for your Now I can be truly in dark or light mode.

My bad. You do but on Safari it's hidden on top and reveals after scrolling.

👋 why don't you deep link from the website to your official app?

Hey 👋
I have created a tool to generate and maintain your Swift frameworks, so you can focus on the things that matter 🙏 Supporting Cococapods, Carthage and SPM while also adding automated release process (soon to be configurable!)

I work for a Bank. We interface with several 3rd parties. Some of them are OK, some others are less OK and one of them is Banca d'Italia.

We send files to them with a HTTP PUT (nice) and in case on an error processing those files they send you... a PDF. A PDF with the errors 😂

Jakby ktoś chciał zakupić sobie Things 3, ale do tej pory bardzo przerażała go cena, to teraz wszystkie wersje przecenione.

Web development at it's best. My fans can now take off theirs glasses at night :D

As a someone who doesn't play Fortnite. I must admit they do play a lot around seasons.

Lewica wraca do Sejmu, a to będzie nasz debiut! 🎉

Finally, deleting without rearranging.
There are two fantastic small changes in iOS 13.2 beta 2:

- You can delete apps from the Home screen long-press menu
- You change video settings inside the Camera app (finally, @MKBHD)

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Face ID & Attention and turn on the “Haptic on Successful Authentication” option. It’s a satisfying knock as soon as the phone is unlocked. (Pretty sure it’s off by default)

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