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I've seen people do that here so here are topic that I'm interested in. For searchability reasons.

I'll redraft it if something pops to my mind.

I want to know The Dark's story but watching it again to just to start season 2 seems to be boring.

Sound in Safari when is speeded up is crap. plz

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Okay I updated the fucking firmware on my dock and now my desk is done 😅

Keycaps rebelion has taken another step. I'm afraid of blue ones. Will they survive? Stay tuned for the next episode of Keycaps Wars: The greater comfort!

Looks like now have a decent rival. What either of them have something that other doesn’t have it ?🤔
I think it'@culturedcode@twitter.comd that a reminder in the new Reminders app for iOS 13 can have:

- Multiple image attachments
- A location bubble
- A rich link
- Subtasks, each with its own time/location/Messages-based trigger and flags/priority (!)

All at once 😳

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Took six months to pull it all together but so far the effort has been worth it. She's a beaut!


So I've just lost a 3-4 party because I've chosen a destination on autopilot. 🥺

dlc is available. Download NOW! Otherwise you know nothing about time traveling.

I like how is splited but I would like to have ~10 more keys (Ergodox is too large for travel) and hot swap sockets. Any suggestions ?

Saw this on a blog post by This is going to save me a lot of time debugging crashes etc. Can’t believe I’ve never seen this before: Control + Command + R => re-run without rebuilding 🤯

Space Cadet in QMK is one of the most useful feature :)

Tetris 99 is getting a physical release on Switch this September, and it includes a year's online subscription

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