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I've seen people do that here so here are topic that I'm interested in. For searchability reasons.

I'll redraft it if something pops to my mind.

ale tak jak przy nie komentuje, bo nie mam nic ciekawego do powiedzenia.

Pizza-driven coding 🙃

I don't do this often, but a friend of mine in Amsterdam is desperately looking for a job as a developer. 11 years of experience in mobile tech (iOS, Xamarin) and has been project manager and unit manager. She's got a work permit and is one of the best devs I know. RT+DM.

(don't know the author, I'm sorry)

CTRL+ALT+CMD+G the most frequently use shortcut in Xcode.


WHOA: Spotify just published a huge takedown of Apple with a campaign called "Time to Play Fair" calling it out for restricting the podcast API, blocking it from its platform and much, much more anti-competitive behavior:

iOS/Swift coding tip: use private static properties when you need to share something internally across instances of a type. Only use it for things that don't need to be injected, such as a formatter that's expensive to create in a viewmodel.

See company politics in action:

1) Use your iPhone to google a book
2) Tap on the Amazon link
3) Amazon properly deep links and opens its app
4) Amazon app: “Oh wait, if we sold a book now, Apple wants its cut, noooope, not with us”
5) Amazon app opens Safari again
6) Tadaaa 🎉

mini meows 😻

📹: kkonecats

Python look like a cool language for scripting. Let see how ruby will manage.

Save some time this week and read a summary of all the important Apple-related news. Issue 61 is out!

When people talk about how great the Apple "ecosystem" is, this is what we are talking about.

All the independent Apple developers I know are struggling, because Apple has set unrealistic price expectations in their App Store by giving away their apps and preventing us from charging for upgrades. Apple’s response is “rent them your software” as if that’s good for users.

This is not sorcery, this is what industrial product design engineering looks like when it's applied...

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