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Not watched in year (prob since Vic Reeves!) but as @JohnBarrowman is in it and @hollywills is presenting I can’t resist

once again giving my tear ducts a good run through and my wallet a good clear out

All these cabinet resignations and I’m sat struggling to get working with me

If anyone is looking to renew / change their Energy Supplier I've got an amazing deal from bulb till Tuesday where you get £100 off your bill

For my next investigation I'm looking into Kubernetes deployments via Containership... here we goooo

Probably the most safe and cosy of evenings outside of Xmas eve, knowing that I’ll be having lazy time travel in my sleep

Love a new album!! The Unsinkable Ship feels very like Jeff Wayne’s Eve of War

So far GoLang Buffalo has been the most difficult to set up, but hardly painful!

If anyone is interested, the shortlist I've decided on for the RESTful API is
1) Python Flask
2) .NET Core 2.1 WebAPI
3) (Probably) Golang Buffalo

Today I'm doing what I enjoy - investigating three technologies for developing a RESTful API and deploying each to the big three cloud providers to help shape our choices for the future

It’s very difficult to stop watching a Nigella show once you’ve started

Ah right, I've got it I think. Let's try a few more characters? & a

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