Just published this week's "Sunday Review (2019-05-19)" while dealing with the hangover...


This week's episode is brought to you with a little summary of my trip to see Jon Skeet's C# 8 talk

Had a week off to relax over Easter so here's the post Easter SUPER BUMPER EDITION of

"Sunday Review (2019-04-28)" by @ianrathbone



What an incredible day of sun! Hats off to no hat... and factor 50

It’s a beautiful new Sunday so I’m going to force the kids outside. But first... the weekly review is live!



Today is the big day! I’m abseiling 115FT down the office building to raise money for @HopeHousingBMTH supporting homeless and vulnerable adults. Anything you can spare is much appreciated.


‪Super smashing fun playing with today.

Really glad to find this on for adding functionality I was about to write.. github.com/Xabaril/AspNetCore.

If you haven't left Facebook yet, this should really make you reconsider (AGAIN)


How many things does this company have to do (BADLY) before they get investigated, or at best shut down?

Had the pleasure of introducing a fellow developer to today and it’s such a delight to talk about them. Well I think I explained them well...!

Just under 2 weeks to go until I flail down a 115FT building for !
Please donate anything you didn't give to here: justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ia

New Post! Sunday Review (2019-03-10) on @ThePracticalDev

:florp: Let's see if I can keep these up..


Hit 30% of my fundraising goal!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Three weeks today I abseil down our 115ft building for @HopeHousingBMTH Hope AOK Rucksack Appeal.

Anything you can donate is appreciated. justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ia

Got round to moving all my sites to @cloudflare today. It’s ridiculously simple and quick... thanks @troyhunt !!

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