Just under 2 weeks to go until I flail down a 115FT building for !
Please donate anything you didn't give to here: justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ia

New Post! Sunday Review (2019-03-10) on @ThePracticalDev

:florp: Let's see if I can keep these up..


Hit 30% of my fundraising goal!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Three weeks today I abseil down our 115ft building for @HopeHousingBMTH Hope AOK Rucksack Appeal.

Anything you can donate is appreciated. justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ia

Got round to moving all my sites to @cloudflare today. It’s ridiculously simple and quick... thanks @troyhunt !!

Why can’t every day be like this? A new @petshopboys song for the third day running!

The @petshopboys created a fantastic theme for the and now they have created the theme for with ‘Give Stupidity A Chance’ youtube.com/watch?v=P9jEuHbB0G

Hey, I think you should get a Monzo account. Get one through this link and we'll both get £5!

Just follow these instructions: join.monzo.com/r/m7j3ypl

I’m tweeting are you out there @geekygirlsarah 🤖🥳

I’m tweeting are you out there @geekygirlsarah 🤖🥳

Pretty cool getting to take part in a raid the London Eye and then Big Ben!

Argh dammit so has become the first @Netflix show to keep us going past midnight with the ‘just one more episode’ line this year

Love the myriad of articles appearing this week on the end of social networks in 2018 and tech fatigue. This time next year there’s going to be a plethora of posts about ‘Why I went back to Facebook’ and ‘How teens are playing in Facebooks graveyards’. Or I’m wrong again.

I wonder if we’ll find out that the real pilot of the is just trying to break her streak of headlines?

To see how quick it would take I made a simple on Friday, and using it took 1hr from concept to deployment - and it was approved on Saturday! Try it now! skills-store.amazon.co.uk/deep

Anyone who isn’t in yet really should be... it’s free and if you open a Monzo account and you'll get £10 for free. Merry Christmas from me! monzo.com/referral?code=m7j3yp

What is it now? 2 years on and I still can’t stop myself from shedding a tear while listening to ‘I can’t give everything away’

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