I've read a few hypothesis, but I still don't quite get what's happening with the dryness in the horn of Africa and Kenya. The band of green across Africa is so consistent, despite topographical barriers. (South Sudan is greener than I'd realized.)

This is a "screenshot" of Powerpoint, except made in Powerpoint instead of as an actual screenshot (via reddit.com/r/UnusualArt/commen)

As such, I suppose it is a kind of representational art. Is it? I certainly reflects careful inspection of something considered mundane, and recreating it... though with no particular voice on the part of the artist, who does not meaningfully change the image. Is that required? Or is this like copying a painting?

And of course you have to build your home, it just can't be the same if you are given a house, no matter how lovely it may be.

We're surrounded by the computer equivalents of turning your books backwards.

There's an emotional appeal to it of course. I like things organized too.

With computers there's the potential that you could take your cluttered and overwhelming space and wave your hand and turn it into a perfect modern minimalistic design, then wave your hand and put it back.

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