This analysis of New Atheism – it's rise and fall – is interesting contemporary anthropology:

Spoiler: the theory is that the New Atheists directed their energy towards Social Justice (the atheist remainers hate social justice, which is why they remained, which incorrectly creates the opposite impression of the original alignment).

Obviously I have to apply this to myself, narcissist-style. The proposed underlying motivation for both New Atheism and social justice is hamartiology: the subfield of theology dealing with the study of how sin enters the universe.

I always found New Atheism tedious and uninteresting. And honestly I've never felt engaged by social justice either. I... don't care that much about how sin enters the universe. I don't think I believe in sin. I don't think its source is an indictment. Eh.

@ianbicking For me, it's simple. I don't believe in a bogeyman up in the sky.

@bartleby I think the question the article invites is: (a) does it matter if you believe in god? (b) why? (c) does it matter if other people believe in god? (d) why?

I don't think there's right answers to those questions, but how you answer those questions may define your tribe.

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