Video game concept: a simple shooting grinder where you collect treasure and experience points, and as you get more experience points you develop skills, until you eventually learn to understand your enemy's voice, hearing them say "no! You've killed my entire family, how could you?" or "please, just leave us alone." Or "spare me, please"...

I guess to work you need a second chapter. Do you embrace your evil deeds? Lash back against whoever sent you on this journey? Create an army of minions that you throw against their attackers, only speeding their demise?

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@fennifith On my list of things I want to make is also an emotionally manipulative robot, ala

@ianbicking That could be a little.... weirder. Unless you either significantly restrict user input or script the interactions somehow, I can't see it working well for more than a few specific interactions. Technology for having conversations with people isn't really very functional at the moment IMO. Maybe something using Google Assistant?

@fennifith I'm guessing that you don't actually have to try very hard to make it falsely compelling. E.g., if you have to press a button twice to turn the machine off, just have it back up slightly after the first press and play a recording that says "I'm scared of the dark" (maybe plausibly robotic), or "will I go to sleep forever?" Use a motion detector to tell when the person is approaching the button again... say something like "I'll miss you".

@ianbicking mmm, I guess that could work. You could look at Live2D for animating facial expressions and stuff then (I presume you don't want to get into animatronics) and make something like Lars's setup but without the music.

@fennifith Curiosity rover sent a last status message containing the battery level and time of day, and people got all emotional about a final message "my battery is low and it's getting dark." I think humans are built to make this easy ;) Those videos are pretty cool too, facial expressions definitely add a depth to the sound (I'm reminded of the McGurk effect as a demonstration of how visuals effect listening:

@ianbicking This troll clearly does not deserve to live, for he offers you gold instead of pizza. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

@ianbicking there's a similar video game. No shooting (sword fighting instead) and you get subtitles on the second playthrough. It's called Nier (NOT "automata", which is the second part; I mean the original).

@estebanm @ianbicking Undertale is another great example of this done well.

"[Lv] stands for 'Level of Violence.' A way of measuring someone's capacity to hurt. The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself. The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt. The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others."

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