An aide in a Vi Hart video I was watching: if I see someone doing X, and I want to figure out why, my first attempt will be to imagine I am doing X and why I might do that. Her example then: if I see someone talking a lot about their gender identity, then why might I imagine myself doing that? To... get attention? Because I'm relating this to my personal lived life I'm not going to come up with much. (Con't)

Obviously how I first frame the question, and the fixed-vs-variable sense of my own identity is going to radically change the outcome of my imagination. But this all happens really quickly, it's like the very first moment of empathy, I'm not thinking rationally or even consciously yet. Next up I just have to decide if I even want to invest any energy in considering my inference.

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As I become familiar with an issue where there is a diversity of subjective feelings people experience, I can learn to frame my imaginative empathy more correctly. But there's always new frontiers, there's more for me to learn and more for others to learn, and we're all just somewhere on our journey... so I think I should think more about this empathy trap when interpreting other people's interpretations.

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