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How do you accidently scrape contacts? Are they being serious?

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Which one to play next?

Today, installed a soak watering system in the front yard and mulched. Tomorrow will be putting down some Kentucky Bluegrass to fill in spots so my grass does not go 100% dormant during next will terms season. Another day, another project instead of :vscode:

X1 Carbon 6th Gen sounds very tempting right now. So far, specs and price add up to my higher than usual expectation.

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@iamon I have an HP Spectre 13-AC092MS running Linux Mint 19 and it works really well! Had to contribute a small patch to get the touch pen driver to work a little better, but all the usual stuff works really well out-of-the-box.

Any good suggestions on friendly laptops? Thinking of switching away from . How about ThinkPad X1?

federated service for sharing maps with your friends



Game mock-up I created, inspired by Simon Stalenhag.

A new tab is coming to Mast in the next update (dedicated direct messages) ⭐️

Here's a sneak peek.

The whitepaper:

Goes into more detail about how the browser itself is developing a profile on the user. It's encrypted and stored in the browser, but it's there. Not sure how I feel about it.

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