Thinking to start a small video channel to showcase how I got into retro handheld game modding. What do you think?

Looking to build some domain info aggregation apis. What kind of problems do you deal with when it comes to domain info or domain management?

For almost a year, @DuckDuckGo has been my primary search engine. It's still going strong!

Got one for the outdoors and has not failed me so far! Standing up to the elements without an issue.

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:duckduckgo: has been my go-to search provided for a long time already. Loving getting results not tagged to my history.

So I've been playing around with Wyze Cam and so far it works wonders.. for $20 camera. I am now trying one for the outdoors.

I'm appalled how some financial companies do not provide tools to their employees to do their jobs. Million dollar projects are done on napkins and spreadsheets. Seriously?

Well, tomorrow will be 91F and by this weekend... Over 100F. I'm hybernating inside!

I've been using Enpass for years now to manage all of my passwords. What's your go-to password manager?

Someone has recently discovered unique tracking data inserted into pictures by Facebook but it this has been known about for several years:

A 21st century version on photocopying's yellow dots.

Working on a Trello list of my lists to share publicly. Let's see where this leads me!

Don't burn out and be the bottleneck! Empower your teams to solution!

So completely random project! Removing a big ass tree stump. :brain4:

What do you guys think about DxO PhotoLab? I'm looking to switch from Photoshop.

Next programming language for you and why? Go!!

Set up at home with and reverse proxy at with for about $5/month. Let me know if anyone is interested in a walk-through on how it's done.

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