Great points by @adactio about how is just as powerful in different ways to traditional programming languages

Big fan of the video series by Estelle Caswell. The latest episode about the design of Blue Note Records is produced so well.

@JPEG Saw that, which is nice. Is there a way to sign out of current instance?

@JPEG Looking forward to that update. How does one sign in to other instances? Or sign out of current?


@brunoph they sell Lindt in local super markets in my area, just not the stracciatella 😒


@brunoph you lucky, impossible to find here in California!

The advantage and disadvantage of CSS Grid is that it strictly defines columns, even in the absence of content. That's why Flexbox and Grid should be used together and in parallel.


@brunoph olla, where'd you get the stracciatella flavor?

Programming is the art of trolling your future self.

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