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The issue was in bf4 apparently. Still, would like to know if i can individually disable ipv6 for more finicky apps

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Is there a way to disable ipv6 for specific prefixes? Searching revealed nothing.

Battlefield 4 can get confused if I have ipv6 enabled in my router, so that's why I need it.

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i had no idea battlefield 4 would work on linux this well

this is amazing!!

thanks for watching whoever popped in :)

see you next friday!! will have 6h stream then lol

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restructured my fps project, i think i will still use globbing instead of explicitly stating all files, easier that way
since i could add the configure_depends in there before globbing anyway

Also i may just add the files to cmakelist explicitly instead of globbing them all, like it is recommended

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Gonna change my games file structure. I went ham with organizing all files in folders but honestly i feel like that was a mistake. It makes writing links to other files much more a hassle.

I dont have many files for this game yet anywyay. If i had 100s of files i would organize them more

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Nheko 0.9.0 is out! A lot of people contributed to it, so check it out on Flathub or here:

The changelog is slightly longer than 500 characters, but look forward to lots of E2EE improvements, room directory support, custom sticker packs, token authenticated registration, new icons, jdenticons, animated images, accepting knocks, limited spaces support, message forwarding, a new media player and a lot more! 🐈‍⬛

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yo yo yo please don’t ever write something out l!ke +h!s.
this isn’t Big Brother Social media you’re not about to be censored, the people who have the word you’re using filtered shouldn’t have to see it anyway, and it really fucks with screen readers.

I wanma try halo infinite but i dont want to boot to windows

Not streaming today after all. Too tired. Maybe tomorrow

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