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Also personally im not too upset if wont ever be mainstream os

I just want lil bit of growth: those interested in learning computer stuff.. join us :D

Im kinda tired of hearing ltt using linux already lol

Still got some valid feedback even most of the things make me go whyyy

Hope distro maintainers etc pick good stuff out of this

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why dont man pages have pictures of hot men in them


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so yeah, i may be cynical lil bish every now and then, but its something im trying to tone down.

instead of falling into cynicism/apathy and not doing anything, i'll pick my battles and go for the things i can actually help to make better.

and oh yeah the whole "i am enby???" realisation was this year too lol. it didnt really *change* much for me, but it helped me to be more sure about myself and what i want to look and be like.

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this whole year has been very much me looking at my self-reflection. i've even been buying clothes i want to actually wear.

its also funny how switching to linux helped me realise what i really want from the big part of my life: computers.

i want to contribute, help and build better computer world, in a way or another. making games or tools for linux is something i'm gonna start from.

who knows where i end up with? already i am excited what im going to learn about.

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despite liking all this tech stuff, i never really let myself to delve deeper, out of fear of judgement etc..

but i think its time now for me to tell myself that i am allowed to do this.

i will help where i can, be it charities or other things like that, but i mostly want to contribute to a better world through my computer related interests.. and grow to be better at it at the same time.

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i tend to be a bit of cynical lil bish

i often see bad things everywhere.

this is due to me trying to still get through my depression mind that i've had for past 20 years. its mostly gone, but scars are there.

so anyone who sees me act like that, im sorry.

i've gotten much better at stuff but yeah, i started to figure my wants and needs out only this year.

i will now try to let myself go full nerd about things i like (computers/games)

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I will never understand celebrity worshipping

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I wanted to do gamedev today but i just keep almost falling asleep

bought myself a pinetime for self chrimbus/birthday present :ablobwobble:

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