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discord: "what no you must use our client, it is the best™ and it's not just that we want to charge you for features"

also discord: *ships the react native iOS client to Android devices, making it unusable on anything but modern flagships* "see (≧▽≦) best™"

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hey trans people in the uk on the charing cross wait-list

you have less than 30 hours before you're kicked out if you don't fill out this form: transsafety.network/posts/char it should have been emailed to you.

there is never enough reposting this. boost, fav, spread to other platforms, this is extremely time sensitive.

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@GamePlayer You're 16. You haven't even had the time to fail yet. I am not saying this to dismiss your feelings, but to help you realise that you have a lot of life in front of you.

Not that you can even "fail" lives.

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Just a quick reminder to all that that neither #KDE nor #GNOME is better. GNOME is meant to be adaptive and out of your way, whereas #Plasma is meant to be familiar and user centric. Both fill each other's gaps really well.

They both regularly collaborate and push the same standards like Flatpak and Wayland. They don't compete with each other like they used to a long time ago.


#linux #gnu #opensource #foss

One of my biggest KDE contributions is now in :) More locale settings for the settings menu!

It was a bit more difficult than usual due to Qt not having support to these built in, so I had to create my own methods for it.

I hope you'll like it! invent.kde.org/plasma/plasma-w

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