Could use some advice:

Should I list all my projects I've done, or just the more recent ones?

Making a game in C forces me to think my code and design a bit differently and its a breath of fresh air in middle of all the OOP engines.

I still like C# but i feel like using pure C improves my way of thinking code structurally and can help my C# projects be more efficient.

If you are new at something, like

I rather you ask questions and you think you look stupid (you dont), than dont ask questions and be stupid.

It's 2am. You have been struggling to find a fix for some very rare, odd bug in your code.

For past 4 hours you've scoured through google and other search engines, just hoping to find the truth.

Then you spot a random forum thread that talks about the problem.
But it's not quite the same for you... You notice the thread was written 5 years ago.

You say "fuck it" and ask for advice.

They reply within 5 minutes and help you.

That's my hero.
The guy who replies.

I want to be that guy.

I wonder how time consuming it would be to convert my C fps project to C++?

Anybody with experience on this, would love to hear thoughts on the matter. Im pretty new in C/C++ world.

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