If you had to choose between running a very critical app on your system, which programming language and ecosystem wouls you prefer its written in?

I ask this just out of curiosity.

For all the users

Which do you use daily? Do comment your feelings on the matter. Boosts welcome.

Also, as I have said before:

I am now first .

Weird choice, but this is my chance to help close the devious cycle of "Linux has no users so no games are being made for it because Linux has no users blabla"

All my future games get released Linux first! :)

(Or at least at the same time as the Windows game. After all, I'm making my games on Linux so yeah!!)

Hey players! If you have had trouble getting addons installed without feeling like your soul is being drained, I have made this lil addon downloader for this exact reason: codeberg.org/akselmo/ESOLinuxA

Feel free to try it out, report bugs and such! Check issues for any future features I am hoping to do some day lol.

More addon downloader stuff:

Tested this in Ubuntu as well, should work properly now with the SSL certs on: github.com/Akselmo/ESOLinuxAdd

If it doesn't work there's one with certs disabled: github.com/Akselmo/ESOLinuxAdd

Anyone who likes to play games on and uses , please go show your support here if you have the time :) gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland

How does and community feel about C#?

It's a language I know pretty well and I wouldn't mind using it for some projects like tiny apps that help with game settings and such.

Of course I am willing to learn other languages but if I needed to make something quick and share it, would people not use it because of C#?

Hey if you want to toggle the KDE overview effect by command, here you go: `qdbus org.kde.kglobalaccel /component/kwin invokeShortcut Overview`

I got myself used Thinkpad X280 yesterday and I am very pleased. It's small and light, but still has twice the power than my old Dell Latitude did. Will try my first "couch programming" session this weekend lol. The touchpad is bit worn which is why it was on sale.

And yes its running Kubuntu :D <3

Ive helped (well i like to think so) two projects today by testing and providing bug reports

I hope to contribute code too in future, just need to learn c++ since all projects i wanna help use it (and im genuinely interested in it anyway)

Nobody told me that this is actually kind of fun!? :D

Things i'd like to learn:

- contributing to 3d drivers and stuff, helping to make linux gaming better

- making applications with qt, and being able to contribute to kde (i got plan for this)

- kernel development

- C and C++ in general (C is under progress)

Any tips and tricks are welcome!!

I'd love a new-ish for on-the-go game programming but I got no idea what to go for. I was thinking of getting an used Thinkpad X270 but I wouldn't mind saving up for something more new.

Any ideas?

One reason why im so into gaming on any based OS is that we need the competition. Windows has stagnated, Mac is.. well not for gaming it feels like based on what choices apple keeps making.. Linux OS' are generally very receptive.

We need more than one PC platform to play games on, so we dont end up with Windows Live Gold situation again, or something even worse.

Consoles have a lot of competition (at least on paper), OS should have that too.

With the help of neochat matrix room i managed to build the neochat client from scratch for myself for testing. I hope to contribute in more @kde projects to learn and well, for fun!

Everyone was so patient with a complete newcomer like me and i am so glad about that. I even managed to delete bunch of my old messages by accident lol...

Just wanted to give praise to the newcomer friendliness in there! :) :blobheart: :kde:

Also personally im not too upset if wont ever be mainstream os

I just want lil bit of growth: those interested in learning computer stuff.. join us :D

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