Also personally im not too upset if wont ever be mainstream os

I just want lil bit of growth: those interested in learning computer stuff.. join us :D

Is there a way to disable ipv6 for specific prefixes? Searching revealed nothing.

Battlefield 4 can get confused if I have ipv6 enabled in my router, so that's why I need it.

Wrote a short guide-ish of how to set up Kubuntu for gaming. Also some thoughts of who may benefit from this guide and if they should switch to Linux.

Fixed the bad thread handling in my ESO Linux Addon Manager:

Hopefully it'll work better now!

Changed my contrast a bit, I prefer darker backgrounds, but it's not too dark either.

Yes I like ricing my desktop, what about it? :D

when launching neovim from .desktop file, for some reason it cant find node. it seems the $PATH is completely different when launching from terminal

idk how to fix this :( im using kubuntu

Why do people dislike xfce? I think its great :D

Kde is my main de tho

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