Making a game in C forces me to think my code and design a bit differently and its a breath of fresh air in middle of all the OOP engines.

I still like C# but i feel like using pure C improves my way of thinking code structurally and can help my C# projects be more efficient.

Got the enemies to follow player now! Next up I have to work out their collisions so they don't fuse up like that lol. :c_language:

Figuring out how pointers work and how to make movement work: with the help of making the enemy cube grow every tick :c_language:

Gonna try to start "no zero days" challenge next month when it comes to my game projects.

Every day i open one of my projects and work on it in a way or another: write more code, write down plans, make assets, etc etc

I allow myself breaks to avoid burnout ofc but i want to see how far i can get in a month if i just try to make this into a routine

Woop, managed to squeeze some to this evening. Made the enemies in my :c_language: FPS now unable to see player through walls, gave them tickrate so they're not constantly sniffing around and player weapon now has working firerate.

Next time I think I can move on to enemy movement!

Vimspector now works perfectly for what I wanted it to do!

Now I can finally start programming in neovim and practicing it!!!!


Managed to get raycasting to work! Clicking on level pieces moves them to 0,0,0. Just wanted somekind of visualization if things work, this is not gonna be in the final product lol. :c_language:

Thanks to Flusaka@twitter we managed to figure out simple solution to the FPS I'm making with C, and got the game work smoothly again. :D

PR for the curious:

Look at that FPS!!! :D It was way lower before!

Streaming some Splitgate and then we'll do some with C! Come hang out! :D

If anyone wants to join a chill hangout I run, here's a link to it's matrix channel:

Everyone is welcome, from newbie to veteran.

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