Also, as I have said before:

I am now first .

Weird choice, but this is my chance to help close the devious cycle of "Linux has no users so no games are being made for it because Linux has no users blabla"

All my future games get released Linux first! :)

(Or at least at the same time as the Windows game. After all, I'm making my games on Linux so yeah!!)

Had to fight with Unity since it couldn't find Blender. The problem was that I used the flatpak version of Unity Hub.

Anyhow, have a sneak peek of my next Unity game. Will work on it more after Artificial Rage is done.

Looking for , both and !

Anyone here make chiptune or DOS game style music?
Or perhaps sprite art? (Stuff like weapons from first person, enemies etc.)

I have an open source FPS project that could use some artistic help.

I can pay of course, but it will be included in MIT licensed project.

Here's a link:

(My budget isnt massive but i always pay for work well done!!!)

Huh, actually worked on my Artificial Rage fps game project.

Just did some refactoring since my weapon structs were an unorganized mess. But easier to add/remove stuff to them now.

Any artist here interested drawing pixel art scifi weapons and robots for an open-source FPS project?

It's basically Wolfenstein 3D clone I am making. The art will be released under MIT in the project, although we can license the art under something else of course.

Project link:

I can pay for it of course. Just reply here if you're interested, no guarantees but anyway!

Today's Creator Day in, so they're not taking any cuts!

If you want to support my adventures, now is a good time to buy any of my games!

They're all pay-what-you-want, so you can try them for free at first if you wish. :)

Funny how years ago I wanted to be a fulltime .

Now I just wanna do whatever programming work that would help me to contribute to FOSS. Especially Linux stuff, like KDE.

Gamedev will stay as a hobby, but it's interesting how I have changed.

Woop got the player health thingy to work (the enemies kept missing the player thats why it took a while to go down)

As a please dont buy my games due to some hype/pressure. I want you to enjoy my games on their own merits, not because "dude on internet was SO HYPED LOL"

Besides theyre free anyway lmao, pay what u want

Make your own decisions.

So I challenged myself to do every day in november.

I skipped only 8 days of all 30, so I think I did pretty well. Anything that counted towards the project counted one day of gamedev.

Mostly I skipped because I was way too tired or just legit wanted to do something else. I'm glad how much the project advanced though!

I think I am going to keep this up, but be less harsh on myself if I skip some days. For me gamedev is a hobby (for now) so I wont work myself to ground lol.

Hi , I make games!

Pretty much all of them try to follow retro 3d aesthetics with modern twists. All of them are free to download and play, but donations are welcome.

Enemies can be now shot pew pew

Sorry there is no visuals yet!

Making a game in C forces me to think my code and design a bit differently and its a breath of fresh air in middle of all the OOP engines.

I still like C# but i feel like using pure C improves my way of thinking code structurally and can help my C# projects be more efficient.

Got the enemies to follow player now! Next up I have to work out their collisions so they don't fuse up like that lol. :c_language:

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