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playing lotro since i always wanted to "finish" it, finally got to visit bridge of khazad-dum

.. of course i had to see whats in the chasm lol

Vimspector now works perfectly for what I wanted it to do!

Now I can finally start programming in neovim and practicing it!!!!


Managed to get raycasting to work! Clicking on level pieces moves them to 0,0,0. Just wanted somekind of visualization if things work, this is not gonna be in the final product lol. :c_language:

Even better wallpaper :D i dont use debian but i thin their logo is pretty nice

Made my KDE look snazzy. Used the Otto global theme and then made everything fit it.

Thanks to Flusaka@twitter we managed to figure out simple solution to the FPS I'm making with C, and got the game work smoothly again. :D

PR for the curious:

Look at that FPS!!! :D It was way lower before!

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