thanks for watching whoever popped in :)

see you next friday!! will have 6h stream then lol

I've been laughing at this screenshot i took for over five minutes

Got the enemies to follow player now! Next up I have to work out their collisions so they don't fuse up like that lol. :c_language:

Figuring out how pointers work and how to make movement work: with the help of making the enemy cube grow every tick :c_language:

Things are starting to heat up amongst speedrunners in my game discord...

my fiancee knows me well, early bday present keycap <3 :D


Our beardie is making a fashion statement

Changed my contrast a bit, I prefer darker backgrounds, but it's not too dark either.

Yes I like ricing my desktop, what about it? :D

Bit shoddy photo I guess but i have now Keychron K8 and i love it


Meet Tiamat, our new bearded dragon! They are 4 months old, dont know their sex yet.

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