I went to small-ish pride event in our city today and I cosplayed as my OC Huntra. I had fun!

Changed back to gray colors on my desktop. The blue one was pretty cool but it did end up hurting my eyes over time.

Also the gray scheme fits with anything.

Wallpaper is from Brock Hofer brockhoferart.com/dino-wars-3

Bearded dragon, reptile 

"Stupid human, blueberry goes in mouth, not on head!"

Bearded dragon, reptile 

Visited the vet with our beardie Tiamat since her toe had some issues. Vet told us there is nothing to worry about and gave us some oil to treat the toe.

Tiamat was very good girl through the whole thing and was rewarded with a tasty strawberry!

Had to fight with Unity since it couldn't find Blender. The problem was that I used the flatpak version of Unity Hub.

Anyhow, have a sneak peek of my next Unity game. Will work on it more after Artificial Rage is done.

Since KDE now got the window tint by accent color, I've come to accept our lord and savior "solarized" by accident.

Bearded dragon, reptile 

Cuddles with Tiamat

Github copilot is as much an "AI" as the deranged markov chain bot we have on our Discord channel...

Although I think our bot is close to sentience than copilot will ever be

Happy birthday Quake! One of my favorite games of all time even I discovered it way later than others. Quake changed how I view FPS games: I only like the fastest, rocketjumpiest bunnyhopfests nowadays.


still waiting for baldurs gate 3 to come out of early access

Reptile, bearded dragon 

Our beardie Tiamat is cute as hecc. She also weights 420g lol.

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