gamedev rambling 

In other news/reminders:

Huntra Third Person Shooter will be made in Godot 4.0, whenever it's out. This gives me more time to plan the thing and learn Godot itself. I have to recreate some stuff for Godot, but I think it's gonna be worth it.

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gamedev rambling 

I will however study Godot first with a smaller project. Probably something gamejam-ish.

I will probably host my own gamejam when I got time for it!

gamedev rambling 

Last but not least, the reason why I'm working on Artificial Rage mostly now is that...

It's so damn fun! I am really enjoying making the game in C like this.

I will probably finish this title before I can move on, I'm hooked to making it even I don't work on it every day.

Both Artificial Rage and Huntra Third Person Shooter Without Proper Name Yet will be Linux first titles. There will be windows version too but it's not the focus OS.

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