How to never pay for or pirate movies anymore: if you wanna watch a movie just watch the trailer and you get all the cool bits, since those are in the movie just for the trailer.

Then you can guess the rest of the plot (it's pretty much always the same anyway). If you want to confirm the plot just read the wikipedia page.

Congrats, you didn't waste 2 hours and still got time to do something more interesting!

@huntra You should start watching good movies for a change 😉
Jokes aside: most big releases in the theaters fall into this category, so watch out for smaller gems or old movies instead.

@Defolos @huntra Far too often today I don't see the point of watching new movies over rewatching whatever they're a reboot/sequal/whatever of...

Personally I'm finding I enjoy (independantly-distributed) audioshows much more!

@huntra for bonus points, you could just think up a better plot.

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