I wonder how time consuming it would be to convert my C fps project to C++?

Anybody with experience on this, would love to hear thoughts on the matter. Im pretty new in C/C++ world.

Basically theres just some things id like to turn into classes (like enemies, weapons etc)

@huntra Modern C++ is nothing like modern C even if they can use the same compilers. You'd probably end up doing a full rewrite because most C idioms are bad style and/or impossible to do in C++ (and vice versa). Not saying it's a bad idea if you feel it's too much for C, but just forewarning you if you decide to.

@nytpu Thats good to know, thank you!

I may give it a try but if its too much, i will just continue with C

@huntra - Once I did the same on one of my very old project. It took like 2 days. The project code was small but my code was spaghetti 😂
I didn't change the design of some parts though.
Looking at your code, it would be fairly easy. It's already quite modular IMO.
Disclaimer: I'm a hobbyist C/C++ dev.

@kasra_mp lol i feel like my code is spaghetti too.

But yeah thanks, i may give it a try today.

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