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Oh yeah for future reference i will tag my stream links with so if you dont want to see those feel free to filter them

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Set my profile locked because I'm already getting bombarded by bots.

I will accept pretty much every follow request so don't be afraid to follow! Unless you're a bot, ree.

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Hi, I'm Aks. I like video games and making them. Programming and computers are fun and I also really like retro/vintage computing.

I'm here just for cool gadgets, Linux, FOSS, programming and computers.
So yeah looking for similar minded people to talk about stuff with.

PS. I'm not here for political talk or anything like that, just know that I support equal human rights of course.

PPS. Oh and if i use tags like it's just for crossposting!

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The CEO resigns the same day that Github is placed under the President of DevDiv.

The same President of DevDiv that pushed for the "Hot Reload" to be VS Only.

Now the COO of Github resigns.

Looks like pushback against 'old school' Microsoft coming back.

yoo planetside 2 now runs on linux, they added battleye support for proton for it! :D

well i edited my own theme, luckily svg files can be opened as xml files and edited that way so it was easier lol

is there a theme that does NOT have rounded edges everywhere?

i like my edges sharp. I'm edgy like that.

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jesus fucking christ there's a "save the bee" nft thing and it is 100% unironic

cryptocurrency gives you brainworms

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fucking mega brains in battlefield 4

x-enemy: "im at A and nobody has seen me yet"

me: *go to A and shoot him*

x-enemy: "how did you know i was there" *proceeds to whine how i was cheating the rest of the match*

these idiots make me laugh lmao

It me.

Commissioned from my friend

And yes very inspired by the linux fox Xenia

and usually luckily it doesnt take hours, just like 15 minutes

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i would compare it to some people who like modding games and they're like "okay i spent hours to mod this now i can finally play"

it's sort of similar feeling, except you "mod" your OS to play the game.

i enjoy both lol

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also people are like "that sounds very inconvenient" when i tell them the tricks i do to make some games work (most work fine!)

idk how to explain it better but i enjoy tinkering and the tiny bit of inconvenience reminds me of my DOS era PC that had always something to tinker with to get better graphics or fps.
I loved doing that.

It's FUN to me.

i gotta say it again because fuck

changing to kubuntu as my main daily driver OS has been the best thing i've done in ages

legit boosted my mental health, i got less anxiety over updates now

its just so NICE
ok sorry about circlejerking

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#Microsoft’s new #Windows prompts try to stop people downloading Chrome

If the enemy talks about you, no matter if good or bad, you know they are scared.

I only see one way how this ends and gets settled .. with a lawsuit.

Image credit

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