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@Gargron: Never used Skype so I don't know what changes they made. I know quite a few people at github and worked on the GNOME desktop back in the day when Nat was involved, so I've got faith in them. And really if Microsoft changes things drastically, it's not like it's terribly difficult to migrate due the distributed nature of git.

First thing to do after acquires .... Create a self-hosted server

Imagine #Microsoft acquired #GitHub to release the whole Windows source code


Ah, the delay after running 'sudo' when you're not sure if you typed your password wrong or the command is just taking a long time before outputting anything.

Copying from a thread of #GDPR jokes:

- Do you know a good GDPR consultant?
- Yes.
- Can you give me his e-mail address?
- No.

hot new mastodon trend 

I installed a bunch of @fdroidorg apps on my phone last night.

I'm impressed!

Simple Calendar, Simple Gallery, Simple File Manager ... very nice! Also Tasks and Omni Notes and Orgzly. Phone Saver, PhotoBackup, Vinyl Music Player... My phone suddenly feels like a useful computer!

These apps may be simpler than mainstream alternatives, but no ads and no spying is a HUGE feature.

The Google Play Store is so full of crapware, I dread using it. F-Droid is very refreshingly better in that regard.

Heads up. Change your passwords on Twitter! There was a bug which caused passwords to be saved in plain text.

Keeping your account secure

An update on your account security.


It downloads who knows what code and injects it into the built product:

Meaning, the source code in the git repo isn't the only thing that your "custom built" VSCode instance will be running.

Shady Microsoft doing shady things.

Something tells me this will blow up in their user's faces. #vscode


Thought: the least-used key on my keyboard is probably the right-hand shift key

and is the temporary flagship instance :acongablob:

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