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Is there a dating site for people who don’t want to get brain damage from covid?

has anyone in the academic recsys community written about why every recommendation system fucking loves minor league misogynists and fascists?

Based on these replies I'm beginning to suspect that 13 managers (4 of which were because I changed teams) is on the high end.

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bought a 3d printer, gonna use it to build a pen plotter, a cnc machine, and a laser cutter, yet to decide whether they'll all be in one. pen plotter might get to be a practice.

All this "don't drop support for cjs" discourse that's going on, y'all should pray that I don't drop the notion of module systems and package manages and start licensing my packages solely for distribution via analog cassette tape.

Tech workers, how many managers have you had in the past 5 years? Of those, how many were because you decided to transition to a new team or company?

I stopped recommending podcasts to people I know because I’m pretty sure the strategy most people I know have to podcasts is to avoid anything I like, so if I don’t recommend them, my friends might get good shows like (nope, no recommendations for you, you’ll have to just discover them)

This time though the other company I had an offer from also had their team lead leave within months, so maybe only people who plan to leave soon are willing to interview me :P

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One day I’ll join a team where the lead doesn’t leave within a few months. One day.

Me on the last day of vacation: "damn, I could really do with a vacation"


So what are peoples favourite 3D models to print? -printing

I will say though that bikes are great, more bike infrastructure is probably a good public health investment rather than packing people into trains to breathe on each other.

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I’m all for more accessible urban areas, and yet if everyone keeps wandering about without masks, without even quarantining when they are sick, saying “the pandemic is over”, I can’t access any of it. So I’m less rah-rah “denser housing for all” than I would like to be, considering that it will mostly just significantly increase everyone’s risk of early brain damage.

There’s an inarticulate point about how public health is public infrastructure in here somewhere.

I've decided that I will make an emergency go bag, but only if I can embroider it "Go Bag Or Go Home"

Where do we do mechanical keyboard talk? I haven’t found a lot of it on the fediverse

Has anyone measured the lost productivity of the fact that everyone has covid all the time now?

So bizarre to speak to or interact with people who behave as if everything’s fine and life’s going on like normal

Daniel Ek sitting in his office waiting to hear which prison to send the portable podcast studio and $100m to.

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