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Any recommendations for micropython programming courses? Or anything that’ll run on a Raspberry Pi Pico and talk I2C. Can pay.

I discovered more bins than I thought I had. It’s more bin time.

*but my kitchen contains mountains of crap on the floor, we're living during The Circumstances and I'm not a magician.

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I'm the sort of solo apartment dweller whose dining table is clear for the first time since my former apartment sharer departed in April, rendering me a solo apartment dweller in the first place.

Continually in awe of people who took minimal or no covid safety precautions who then rejected all responsibility when they got covid, recovered, and continued to take minimal covid precautions.

There are ZERO documents on my computer. Only dochughments.

I cannot see the name Post Malone written down without thinking "After My Lunch" because Malone sounds like "mo lón" in Irish which means "my lunch".

LOL the lean green hate speech machine bought Heardle and made it shit

New episode opening for Maintenance Phase has me in stitches.

The chorus of Rock Me Amadeus but instead of amadeus it’s “a potato”

(This is when we have DAL-E for music, can someone who still uses Twitter please ask my former colleagues at the lean green hate speech machine if they’re working on it?)

Also fuck the people who broke the naming conventions explicitly to name that thing after someone who went above and beyond for bigotry even for the time.

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Ah the occasional “leave the office to go and sit on the couch next to my router to get faster download speeds when I need to download something big”. What a marvel technology is.

The last 3 tv shows I’ve watched have prominently featured Enter Sandman, what’s going on?

Not that anyone on the court is good, but could we call 6 or 7 of them SCROTUS judges rather than SCOTUS judges?

CW asking for cycling advice as a fat person 

It’s entirely possible that this is just a consequence of having cycled very far and that this is just how it goes, and that’s fine, but if anyone does have advice, I would be grateful

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CW asking for cycling advice as a fat person 

I’m fat and I like cycling, I did 72km today which is a personal record I’m pretty pleased about, and my ass huuurts. I’ve been looking at forums for advice on better saddles, but it’s mainly skinny people who I don’t believe to have very relevant experience. So I come do you, dear fativerse, oh please won’t someone bestow upon me a recommendation for what kind of saddle will make my ass less sad?

After submitting my 3rd order for my bike hacking project: "I should buy a bike and not hack this rented one I have"

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