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I'm learning colemak. Bear with me while I type suuuuuuuuuper slowly.

Last night I dreamed that the Falcon Heavy was downloading dependencies during the second stage of its launch, because the weight all those dependencies would have caused it to need a lot more fuel to make it up if they had loaded them up on the launchpad. sorry for skipping your song (was it your song) on cava! I didn't someone else had added it! I added it back.

Finally making use of my digital ocean vps that has been idling for like a year. No idea why I kept it. It's expensive for such a low power machine.

It's only for Spotify, but like, that's what you get with me.

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I hacked on a collaborative listening app recently. It's here: Jump on, add some songs. Don't worry about genre or whatever :) Listen along with me! The skip button is there for use, plz feel free.

TIL processes inside docker containers are visible to root outside the container on Linux.

Why am I manually copying a docker image to my VPS? Why don't I have a kube cluster doing all this shit for on push to registry?

Why am I still rewriting the spread operator as object.assign for safari? Who can I annoy about this?

After a week of fighting computers, today I worked on a simple computer problem, and it was very fun. Feeling accomplishment is nice.

Today’s bus driver is really bad at pedestrian crossings

According to my mum, our friend is a “Trekkie Fan”. Not “a Trekkie”. Not “a Trek fan”. A “Trekkie Fan”.

Why does every single fucking docker build require installing gcc :((((((((((( even if it's just a static website or a python project or something. I just want a dependency that requires psutil :((((((( how are computers this bad!

I filtered bitcoin, btc, and ethereum from my timelines. Ain't nobody got time for that.

*everything* I want to do, Paul Lamere has already done it 10x better than I could.

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