Where do we do mechanical keyboard talk? I haven’t found a lot of it on the fediverse

Has anyone measured the lost productivity of the fact that everyone has covid all the time now?

So bizarre to speak to or interact with people who behave as if everything’s fine and life’s going on like normal

Daniel Ek sitting in his office waiting to hear which prison to send the portable podcast studio and $100m to.

I was on a discord call yesterday and after the call I noticed that my ads on Instagram changed a lot, and 3 things that were discussed as the call came up between there and TikTok. I hate what tech did.

I forgot about `git pull` for years and have been doing `git fetch && git rebase` this whole time

I'll never stop judging people who make javascript jokes.

Complaining about the ethical implications of Spotify’s new friends mix product 

Spotify friends mix: a custom mix just for you and a friend. And skeevy execs. And the record companies that pay them off for better recommendation placement. And Joe Rogan. And the rest of the “mainstream legitimacy” wing of the American white supremacy movement.

Who would win in a battle of the bands, Ron Stampler or Ron Swanson?

(Yes this is a Dungeons and Daddies Stan account, I’m on my second listen-through of 2022)

@wxcafe I send my American friends pictures of my real Fanta in Amsterdam and they can’t believe it

I really like the helix editor, it feels like a super well curated selection of the lessons to learn from vim, spacemacs, and VSCode.

Like an IDIOT I started watching again and they’re inventing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as if they’ve “solved the problem” and I am big mad again

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Ever worked on a project that made your experience as a user of a product worse, and years later when you’ve left the company it’s still shit and it’s partially your fault?

Ah yes, when I think of all the uses for space, “geopolitical weight” is what springs to mind. 🙄

Can we please not do space imperialism? Don’t make me start rooting for the greenhouse gasses to take us out.

*This* close to recording an album of covers of songs whose title I can turn into a pun on my name.

- We Will Rock Hugh
- Hugh Shook Me All Night Long
- Hughdoo Child (Slight Return)
- Thank Hugh For The Music
- Hugh Out of Three Ain’t Bad
- Any Way Hugh Want It

The possibilities are literally endless.

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