Ah yes, when I think of all the uses for space, “geopolitical weight” is what springs to mind. 🙄

Can we please not do space imperialism? Don’t make me start rooting for the greenhouse gasses to take us out.

LOL the lean green hate speech machine bought Heardle and made it shit

As much as I am tired of computers shit, I will admit that computers probably have reason to be tired of my shit too.

PSA on Google using Dark Patterns: YouTube has a cookie disclosure because it’s 2022. They do the “make you click ‘read more’ to get through an incomprehensible document while you’re in the middle of doing something else before letting you click the done button” pattern, which already is bad and disingenuous. When you hit the bottom you get an “allow all” button. But _you’re not actually at the end!!!!_ If you hit “read more” again (which isn’t even the right action) you get a “reject all” button.


But when will Spotify acquire a conscience?

I've had a $5/m Digital Ocean host running for 6 years, initially with Ubuntu 16.04, and I'm finally getting around to decommissioning it. I swear it had less RAM, though I guess they're able to dynamically add more? Who knows, computers are weird.

computer generated images of spirals 

Went back to my undergrad days to do some computer drawings

Food, meat, burnt 

Despite burnt sprouts, a steamer having become a smoker, and a lack of the correct ingredients, Christmas dinner

Instagram would do well to stop advertising apartments in random North American cities to me.

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