A lot has changed since my last so here's a new one.

Hi! I'm Hugh from Ireland but living in Amsterdam.

For work, I'm a principal web developer at Twilio, and for fun I like cycling, playing and bass, playing themed games (, -engineers), listening to and , and sometimes writing open source code.

I'm getting into modelling and on the verge of buying a 3d printer. Generally aiming to do more geeky computer things. Hi!

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Oh and -keyboards! I'm typing on a iris, and currently building a . Bother me for pictures if you're interested.

For programming I do a lot of and and I would like to do more , I make websites and audio things and have made lil games. I studied music computing/creative computing, so I'm not super into the algorithms and data structures side of things.

@hughrawlinson awesome to see you're with #twilio . I did a project with the service a few years ago, and it was TOTALLY fun and cool, and fun to work with. i also play #astroneer

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