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A lot has changed since my last so here's a new one.

Hi! I'm Hugh from Ireland but living in Amsterdam.

For work, I'm a principal web developer at Twilio, and for fun I like cycling, playing and bass, playing themed games (, -engineers), listening to and , and sometimes writing open source code.

I'm getting into modelling and on the verge of buying a 3d printer. Generally aiming to do more geeky computer things. Hi!

My mastodon instance is shutting down and moving toots isn't supported. I wonder if this is my opportunity to do some indieweb stuff and start posting on my own site. Anyway I guess for now I'll continue at

Part of the reason I was so disappointed in Sweden's bs pandemic response is that when I lived there everyone was so proud of not going to work when they were sick out of consideration for one's colleagues. So weird just watching what I thought was a good place descend first into Midsommar (the movie) as public health policy, then this most recent election.


One thing that's completely fucked about the US government system that I didn't appreciate until now is that because the executive branch is entirely appointments, the appointees are completely unaccountable to the electorate. The labor secretary Marty Walsh faces zero accountability for just failing to acknowledge that his colleague the chairman of the fed is out loud trying to suppress wages.

Clothes sizes & fatphobia 

I got new extremely comfortable jeans and am in a very internalized fatphobia vs “all people are allowed to wear comfortable clothes that fit well regardless of what size they are and it’s not bad” mood.

My favourite genre of independent cinema is tiktoks about Liz Truss as if she’s Peppa Pig


People on twitter delighted that if Biden gets too more senators (he won't) and keeps the house (he won't) he'll codify Roe - as if SCOTUS won't immediately just go "nope".

Someone on the other website said they were sad to be missing a conference, and I have to say, I am delighted to be missing all conferences, enjoy your brain damage you weirdos.

Is there a wirecutter but for products that are sold in Europe?

Are there any fun and interesting 3d printing communities I should know about?

Twice in the past two days I've had people book meetings with me in the past.

Looks like Spotify found a new kind of audio content creator to fuck over.

@scott_riley in response to that tweet you did with the excellent throw rug - one day you're gonna have to do a guitar tour :P The Strandberg fan fret looks sweet

Some people at Spotify think that Backstage is their AWS lol

I know I’m years late, but downloading physical objects is really cool

Eschew money, acquire the ire of the capitalist class

Custom suit: classy, elegant, luxurious

Custom internal tools: 😬, bodged, security risk

Amusing myself by waiting for rich people to say "if you will" so that I can say "I most certainly will not!"

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