Wouldn't be a vacation if not for a useless refactor of a website that doesn't matter

Heads up: looks like web-based things including Signal (which is presumably Electron or similar) and Firefox have trouble copying the right thing to clipboard in Wayland, which is default in 21.04. I was so excited to be using Wayland, but I'm back on xorg for now.

I'm on a streak of 5 star books, and I am so grateful

It didn't really sink in for me that Web Workers are supported in every browser except opera mini.

The best bit is that I knew this at least six months ago as evidenced by GitHub.com/npm/cli/pull/198

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Lol npm the cli has a vulnerability in a transitive dependency via a dependency which is now archived because npm the company laid off the employee who ran it for trying to unionize, so now it's not possible to run npm (or anything that depends on it) without specifically installing software with a known vulnerability.

I don't know enough Boston people outside work for there to be someone to send this song full of sexual innuendo based on the Boston Public Transit system, so if you know about Boston, listen to this powerslut.bandcamp.com/track/c

"I use the word 'he' here purely out of convenience, and not as a result of gender bias" was a sentence just uttered in an audio I'm reading written by a bloody idiot

I have two separate operations that make sense to happen in workers, and I need to do them sequentially. I've written libraries for each operation, and it doesn't make sense for them to be in one library. But it also doesn't make sense for them to be in two separate workers. I wish there were some kind of worker composition thing. Maybe I'll have to look into shared memory :(

2020 goal: publish a version to npm and get it right first time

Watched the star war again. Enjoyed it again. It's a good movie.

Food, meat, burnt 

Despite burnt sprouts, a steamer having become a smoker, and a lack of the correct ingredients, Christmas dinner

Instagram would do well to stop advertising apartments in random North American cities to me.

I've been offered a free Google smart speaker thing. But I hate the surveillance capitalism that's the main driver behind it.

Does anyone know if this thing can be made useful without a connection to Google itself?

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