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Oh, almost forgot.
If some or maker on or wants to stream or record FediJam5 submissions, this is more than welcome! ^_^

I am proud that this time such a call finally makes sense because we have enough entries this time.

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psa: you don't owe your family shit. if they are terrible people, cut them out of your life and it'll be for the better.

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q: how to play games if one's browser can't?
a: wget a pck and play it with local godot.

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anyways it's not great but i had fun making it so if any of yall want to play it go ahead. i'll probably make some tweaks in the next couple hours.

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if you could solve global climate change TOMORROW, but the solution involved pervasive surveilance, centrally controlled algorithms, and uncanny valley level emotional manipulation from the media; intensified to oppressive levels; would you go for it?

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The coolest thing you can be is a space fighter pilot with a tortured past seeking redemption and the absolutely most boring possible thing you can be is deciding between increasing your damage by 10% or increasing your reload speed by 6% in an open world environment

@humanetech @armen @unbroken_unworn @waifu

Oh, right, this post needs a reminder that the theme is SELF-REFERENCE proposed by @TheAndSys ^_^

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Making a post about my own entry too so people can comment on it without Itch if they want.

This is an emergency again and it was made in like 4 hours because of course in-game federation failed my schedulng.

But the idea of a random generator making people immortal via multiverse implications and anthropic principle was with me for some time and lent itself nicely to @TheAndSys 's theme of Self-Reference.

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Just submitted my entry for FediJam V. My game is a minetest mod which lets you place portals from room to room. The jam's theme is "self-reference", and so obviously you can make portals form a room to itself.

My entry:
The jam:

#gamedev #fedijam #gamejam

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Okay so here's today's rat it's not only a drawing but also a short open source visual novel made in basically a day and a half so don't expect much if you wanna read it or whatever.
I was just barely able to make it in time

Thanks to GENTOO for the music.

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"Berated", my submission for the FediJam V is up. The theme is "self-reference", so the game is a game about itself.

As usual, the game uses the excellent Godot engine, and the source code is available here:

#gamedev #fedijam #gamejam

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game genres can be so weird sometimes, especially in retrospect

how could a game developer in 1995 ever have predicted that two decades later it would have become very clear that game genres based on leisure activities, such as fishing simulators, bowling games, or skiing/snowboarding, wouldn't really ever catch on except in specific limited circumstances

but that genres based around actual and often-stressful jobs like being a civil engineer (simcity), long-haul trucker (euro truck simulator), or ... well, just look at the entire genre of business management simulation games,
would be popular and sometimes immensely so

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Writing Excuses is seriously some of the best writing advice I've ever been given.

The MICE Quotient episodes ( are super great right now.

I don't agree with literally everything, but it's such a useful framework.

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That O3DE engine (it's the one that used to be Amazon Lumberyard, and is now FOSS but still has lots of Amazon people working on it—) has a download for the Linux editor now.

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Boring short visual novel devblog 

I started with the script and found a theme that I'm comfortable with, but I'm kind of struggling to find the music, I keep thinking of "Red velvet" from Katawa shoujo but I can't use that song :clueless:, doing the art is going to be a good time lol to try and not do something awful #fedijam
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#Fedidea: Sci-fi Labs Federated Worldbuilding

The other day @ialja made me aware of Science Fiction Economics Labs, a creative initiative to imagine alternative worlds to the Hypercapitalist one we currently live in.

It gave me the idea that we should have this for the #Fediverse to imagine #FediverseFutures and create attractive stories to inspire fedizens and newcomers alike.

We can combine with #Fedijam and create federated #games to enrich this world.

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(filing here because sourcehut does not have issues and the website tree does not have README with notes on how to file issues)

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