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@ajroach42 got me thinking about how to reward fedi artists.

Imagine an coworking server linked to the wider .

Hosts set the house rules and have tools to pay small rewards.
Both automatic, like for boosts/likes/impressions and less automatic, like jams and competitions.

To pay, hosts crowdfund or get sponsors.
Artists are not limited to house rewards by default.

Houses themselves compete for the best talent to attract more fame and money and in turn provide better service.

If allowed federation, would you federate with it?

What is the social experience that can/could potentially provide that is impossible with corporate networks?

For devs, there is free tinkering with underlying code and ideas.
A playground.

For hosters - having their own kingdoms and deciding whom to federate with and how to moderate and onboard.

But what is/could be there for others?
Aside from ruleset/bdfl choice?

And especially, what could be there for content creators?

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Currently is mainly a place for tinkerers, oppressed and censored. And this is not a good thing.

It exists as a reaction to bad trends much more than something positive in itself.

An alternative to Twitter,
an alternative to Facebook,
an alternative to Reddit.

A hotfix to social media's flaws that sacrifices a lot to get some things right.

How to change this?
What the media of the future should actually be like to be both likeable and user-respecting?

Oh, so it seems like federation between and is still not a thing after more than 4 years.
>500k users are cut off, like a second

There is a webpage that tries to visualize federation links (based on mastodon API) and plots maps, but i have lost it.
(not, different interface)
Does someone know it?

could have been a good tool to find royalty-free for .
I have employed it on several times over recent years

But it is not smooth.
Instances tend to go down.
Instance _list_ on also goes down.
Don't know any mirrors.

Storage backends can fail separately or be inaccessible.
Federation is not linked or cached enough to make up for this.

Whether you will be able to find something for your project in a given day depends on luck a bit too much.

Black airless planetoid, star density so high the sky is white, and robots of different size and shapes.

Meet a proto-cast of a that takes way too much of my time.

As a quasi-immortal solar-powered AI, where would you live?

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Interesting, so Microsoft is integrating VSCode into GitHub. Press dot (.) on any GitHub repo while signed in to see.

PS. Seems to have issues with service workers on Firefox.

Artemis, space 

missions look cool, but at the moment they are too uncertain for me to get hyped about yet.

The nearest (but not the coolest) one, Artemis-1, is a big untested rocket (SLS) helping a semi-tested Orion capsule to go orbit the Moon and back.

Each try will cost >2 bn dollars and unlikely less than a year (see SLS assembly timeline and launch plans). Even in the case of Orion-only failure.

Possible that DearMoon (NET 2023) will happen faster overall.

Top flights I am looking forward to:

* Inspiration4 (Sept 15)
* Second crewed New Shepard flight (before the end of the year)
* Axiom Space's first tourists to ISS (Ax-1, early 2022), SpaceX is doing the actual delivery.
* Starship SN20 - Orbital test (TBA)

When one watches a video on Youtube or Netflix, one pays for one's , monetarily or otherwise.
Willing to pay the price makes the market support production.
Fun thrives.

Imagine instead that there were laws that punish unfunny videos.
A desert of content, right?

Yet many think that 'ethicality' is different.
That more laws are needed to make companies ethical.

This is a desire to have something very expensive for free.

Ethicality is a good. Stop beating the cashier and pay for it.

I have a very old, never turned on TV. Not LCD, but a cube with a glass screen.
Today, by accident I rubbed my finger against it's plastic top.
And it resonated with a deep bass.
I smiled and thought a bit about how hollow objects vibrate.
For five minutes i've been running about the flat, listening to voices.
A grumpy tower pc, a higher-pitch, almost feminine kettle.
Not as ominous and rumbly as when it boils.

And that's how I am now thinking about tsundere kettle personalities...

I got used to reading wiki as a minimal first step for understanding something before getting hands dirty.

But somehow I read this important article only now.

@cuttlefish, please, do provide some building and testing instructions.

Even though in my run the app itself can for now only display (not play) videos and i made it drop unused libsoup headers because of strange templates-in-extern-c libsoup header bug that has nothing to do with cuttlefish itself.

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GNOME gsettings ranty 

well, ok. Turns out that the latest 0.59 actually knows about the problem and provides a 'devenv' that for gnome projects sets up GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR and a number of other envs for a bash session.

so, the civilized way to do local without install is to go to a build dir and run `meson devenv`, provided that project devs were a bit mindful to make it work.

After tweaks, I made cuttlefish start.

This vital piece of info is not written anywhere in the projects themselves.

So, I have also looked into (mindplotting) and (pdf viewer), but minder seem to have the same missing gsettings problem if not installed.
And evince is dependent on some other files being installed as well.

And none of them have actual building and testing from source instructions.

Am i missing something major?
Is there a -enabled project that can be hacked on without installation?
Maybe some trick with prefix?

Yep, , a terribly convenient way.

I arrive at this gsettings manual because i tried to run without a system-wide install.

To just compile it and run it, like you usually do with most desktop apps.

It does not work. It needs to have an _installed_ and _compiled_ _settings_schema_ for your app.
And it is just because reading the settings from text is somehow too slow.

GNOME, you understand that it is a windows registry at this point?

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