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Fedi DB is currently offline, but fediverse observer sees + ~1k online servers and ~250k new accounts in may. Unlike on federation info graphs, however, this does not look out of longterm trends.

And it does not display Monthly Active Users.

Fediverse Observer ascribes ~ 200k from 250k new users to mastodon, but only 500 of the 1k new servers.

Do you know what this is on the charts from the Federation Info?

An artifact?
It shows some 2000 nodes suddenly join the network over May (1st graph), with each node having less users than fedi-average (second graph), but overall monthly active users have grown x1.5 by 250k accounts after having a year of very steady 10% yearly growth.

What was it and why in May?
Are there other stat aggregators one can crosscheck this with?

Thanks! Found all of it.
I need it the most for library/internal APIs and for in-game interfaces/controls.

Maybe it's an alternative frontend to it or something.
The original pleroma frontend does not work without Javasript.
This one does, and moreover it has JS-related settings.

Actually, I am being stupid. ^_^
We are federated, I can ask directly.

Hi, what is Treebird and where is its project page or source code?

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I keep encountering mentions of Treebird and I found one server at but i can't find the source code or the project page. Where is it?

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Development Teaser: I'm working on a self-hostable #bandcamp alternative - implemented as a static site generator written in #rust

As a small tech tradeoff and an experiment I'm integrating a soft paycurtain: Albums can display a price tag, (including a user interaction for setting a price for "name your price" albums), payment directions are given (Liberapay, SEPA, etc. as configured), but the payment itself is not technically enforced, i.e. the listener is asked to affirm by themselves - by clicking a button - that they have paid for what they want, and only then given the download link. I'm open to experiment further with this when I've released faircamp (current codename) to the public. I could also imagine an option for integrating a hard paywall based on entering a token that could e.g. be made exclusively available to your backers on an external platform (ghost, patreon, steady, paypal, ...).

Been fleshing out the first prototype all day today, and having a blast! ✌️


Static means noise. Unharmonical random sounds. Seemingly meaningless.

I have been doing tons of random for life. Felt omnipotent because i could do whatever. But... I could never compose music or really good texts.
So I read books on composition and writing - it is about patterns.

Then, i read classic lit. Distilled all patterns i could. Then, I _logged_ the static of days. And squeezed logs.
I learned what i do and why. Now i can start, stop and compose patterns. And keep momentum ^^

A lesson from another submission (Untergetaucht) : They made a circular block-breaker game and implemented a lot of powerups traditional to their genre.

But jam draws in people, including me, outside of breakout culture.

Outside of trained playerbase the mech can feel overwhelmingly complex, and tutorials are too long to make during jam.

A lesson: Reserve high complexity to specialist target audiences. Explore something new during jams and keep it simple.


it was semi-fixed and web version is back up.
I did disable the very first track in web though because for some reason if it went off the next track (covering the majority of the game) would not play. Not crashing, just silence.

Sorry about web, temporarily bringing it down. Other users reported audio blocking the startup. Fixing it now.

@Rasp The importance of proper distinctions is ironically illustrated by other highly homosocial cultures being IT specialists (less on Fedi), corporate top management and state government in patriarchal countries, and military personnel.

Yet, "Straight Chief Technical Officer" does not sound as a dissonance ^_^

@Rasp There is a difference between homosociality and homosexuality. Unfortunately sometimes the words referring to these aspects get mixed.

She probably means something closer to yuri aesthetics that indeed is much less about orientation and more about social and cultural patterns.

Web version of Channel of Choice is now up at
Unfortunately, it does not work on Safari and webkit browsers.

Although the jam is back up, it seems they had some major trouble, and in all this turmoil the jam became *unrated*.


I wanted so bad to pit my work against 300 people!
Also they had in fact had a theme on their Discord which was not duplicated to their page.
Good that i only spent 2 days on this instead of 2 weeks. And making the novel was still great ^_^ (see thread)

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The novel is up.


VERY proud of it. However rushed, it still showcases new tech i have developed on and off over 2 months. Seeing it just work in battle conditions is rewarding...
Thanks to @aliciaesperanza96 for music.

But... the jam itself has disappeared in a fluff of smoke.

Disheartening. I really wanted to pit this against 290 people. Previous installments are in place.

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